Guilty Daytime TV Pleasures

I like watching Divorce Court. I have no idea why. It’s probably because I can’t believe people like them can get married but gay people can’t. Which comedian was the one who said gay people shouldn’t be denied the same opportunity to be miserable and married like the straight people? x)

One episode featured a 22 year old girl and some Grizzly Adams looking man were getting a divorce. He built a rock home that looks like something maybe a Hobbit would love but minus all the creature comforts even Hobbits have… windows.

She’s a bottle blond Chihuahua – meaning, she’s small, barky and very annoying in the small dog syndrome kind of way. I also thought she was extremely immature but that’s okay. She’s 22. What do you expect from most 22 year olds? So I got the immature part but what I didn’t get was why she was getting married to someone it seemed like she didn’t even know. Granted, she’s over the age of 18 and can make her own legal mistakes but that doesn’t mean they should.

He bought her $6K worth of boobs. She ends up taking the boobs, leaving him AND he didn’t win the case. Daaaayamm…… I can’t believe she was screeching “I won!! I won!!” in the courtroom when the Judge made her ruling. The only thing left she could’ve done to be completely inappropriate was to scream “IN YOUR FACE” to her husband. Jeezus…

So here’s what I don’t understand. Did they not date before deciding to get married? Did he NOT know what he was getting himself into? Did she not understand that he was building a ROCK HOUSE IN THE SIDE OF SOME HILL and that she’d have to live in it? I think they were married for….maybe 6 months. And then they got divorced.

So you know how there are people who think marriage should only be for straight people because marriage is sacred? I want to make every single one of them watch every episode of “Divorce Court”, have them look all the gay people who are denied a marriage license and tell them with a straight face that marriage is something only straight people can take understand and hold sacred.

Oh. They should also have to watch “Who Wants To Marry A Millionaire” and all other shows in that particular vein.

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