Home Sweet Home

Motley Crue – Home Sweet Home (Official Music Video) – Watch more top selected videos about: Mötley_Crüe

This is what I wanted to scream out on the top of my lungs when I touched down in LAX yesterday.

HOME SWEET HOOOOOMMMEEEE!!!! God, I loved this song back in the day. Yes, I liked Motley Crue. Yes, I was 11 years old. Moving on.

I’m going to continue on my airport/plane/travel theme and talk about why I was angry yesterday on my flight.

I picked a seat that was in a row that didn’t recline. That’s right. You heard me. I PICKED THE SEAT. Wtf was I thinking. I forgot about the site Clyde told me about that is all kinds of awesome. It’s Seat Guru. Clyde traveled a lot for work. This means airports were his home and planes were his cars. Poor baby. I’m so happy he doesn’t have to travel that much anymore. Sssh, don’t tell him…..although he knows it aaaand he’s probably gonna see this post anyway. Hi, baby! 😀

Anyway, he told me about this site and it’s friggin amazing. I wish I had remembered prior to boarding. Oh well. That wasn’t why I was annoyed.

I had just settled down in my AISLE seat when some guy asks me if I’m traveling alone.

WTF? None of your business, asshole.

My expression and the “NO” took him by surprise. I think I was really mean when I looked at him and answered but c’mon now. What’s a girl supposed to think when some strange man asks her that? Even if I was traveling alone, I’d still have said “no”.

Turns out he wanted to know if I could trade places with his wife who was sitting two rows up in the aisle seat too. They had gotten on this flight as a stand by and these were the seats they were given.

I thought about it and told him “no”. I paid extra for this seat AND I picked it on purpose because at the time when I selected it, there was no one sitting next to me. Sorry.

He looked dejected and then I fucking felt bad because I remembered when some nice old man volunteered to give up his seat many many years ago so that I could sit next to my boyfriend at the time.

I sighed and said “Okay…..look. I’ll trade with her AFTER everyone boards the plane and everything settles down.” He happily accepts and I look forward to a seat that reclines.

Some last minute stragglers come in and were about to sit in my row. I heard them say “…AND NOW WE CAN SLEEP!!!” so I felt compelled to tell them the seats don’t recline. They didn’t want to sit next to me…..WHICH MEANT I HAD THE WHOLE ROW TO MYSELF!!!! Score!!!!!!

And then things were about to go downhill….


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