Blame It On The Rain

Remember that old song by Milli Vanilli? "Blame It On The Rain"? That should be Lindsay Lohan’s theme song especially this part :

You can blame it on the rain
Cos the rain don’t mind
And the rain don’t care
You got to blame it on something
(Blame it on the rain)
(Blame it on the stars)
Whatever you do don’t put the blame on you
Blame it on the rain yeah, yeah
You can blame it on the rain

Mmm hmmm. In the case of Linday Lohan, maybe they can do a remix and sub in the words "Daddy" and "lost passport" or something.

I’m reading the LA Times website and I can’t believe Lindsay Lohan’s MOTHER, of all people, even has the balls to suggest her wreck of a daughter is being treated unfairly.

So Lindsay is back in Los Angeles and has to be in court on Monday. Judge Revel said Lindsay is to wear an alcohol detection device, is forbidden to consume alcohol AND has to have drug tests done at least once a week.

What I fail to understand is how Dina Lohan is saying this is unfair treatment.


Your daughter is finally being treated like a citizen who has majorly f*cked up. Just because she has the dubious status of a celebrity who, in my opinion, is more famous for her out of control partying than she is for any of her recent "work", does not excuse her mistakes nor does it mean she can get special treatment.

She is not exempt from the laws that EVERY CITIZEN has to abide just because TMZ follows her ass around.

Maybe Dina’s talking this way because she’s giving in to her maternal instinct to protect her wayward daughter. Okay, I can buy that arguement except her past actions also fly against that theory. I’m too lazy to pull up old stories about how she liked to party with her daughter. That’s just retarded.

You’re her MOTHER, not her friend. Get your role straight.

I’m not a mother myself so maybe I’m out of line but I am a big sister to two siblings. Part of my job growing up was to make sure they understood right and wrong. If I can do that as an older sibling, surely someone who popped out a kid can be expected to do more…like…oh, I don’t know….teach your kids that actions have consequences and that you’re responsible for your own actions.

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