Suited Up And Ready To Go. Sort Of.

Went to Pilates today and told Tomono that I’m doing a half marathon. She’s super excited for me and decides this means she’s going to crank up the amount of pain I get to be in. I did things on Big Scary Thing, Small Scary Thing and Mini Scary Thing that I didn’t know you could do. I’m a super floppy piece of over cooked spaghetti.

On the flip side, I HAVE NEW SHOES!!!

Super freaking awesome!
Now I look professional!

They. Are. Awesome. Clyde took me to Top To Top on the Westside and after much deliberation (literally running around the store with an Aasics shoe on one foot and these Saucony ProGrid Guide 3 on the other), I decided to buy the Saucony.

Reasons are as follows :

– They’re really pretty
– They’re really comfy
– They’re not like Nike which feels like I’m running on a marshmallow (read : no support and I was afraid I’d topple over) but they’re not as firm as the Aasics. These are the right blend of squashy and firm.
– They have a strange Sketcher’s Shape Ups kind of roll to it which, in my head, will make it easy for me to walk and encourage me to run. I attribute the push to run to the forward rolling motion I have when I walk in them.
-They’re really pretty

As soon as we left the store, I immediately turned to Clyde and said I want to buy a pair of really cute white shorts, black shorts and pretty sports bras. He just shook his head and laughed.

I think I’m going to buy another pair of shoes later on just so that I can see which ones will work for a super long run.

I’m so excited. Did I mention that my new shoes are super pretty? I love them. 😀

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