Alcoholic Patients Do And Say The Weirdest Things

I got floated to the Medical ICU the other day. I don’t like going there because it’s just so damn depressing. A lot of the patients there just remind me of people waiting to die. Sad. And then there are the crazy ones. My personal favorite of all the nutsos have got to be the … Continue reading

What Happens When You Mix My Chinese Family With My Korean Boyfriend

So BigAuntie had a BBQ at her place yesterday and told me to bring Clyde. My dad’s side is Chinese but they’re all obsessed with watching Korean dramas. Actually….my Japanese side is also obsessed with Korean dramas. My Japanese grandma has freaking POSTERS of the Korean drama boys posted on the walls in her home. … Continue reading

Race Virgin No More

I did my first 10K yesterday in Culver City. That means I ran a little over 6 miles. I was feeling pretty good because I thought I had run at least 2 miles….and then I saw the 1 mile marker ahead of me. That’s when I realized I was about to die. By the 2nd … Continue reading

Running Has It’s Benefits

Now that I’m done Vi Peel-ing my face, I’m up for my next challenge. Actually, I should say I’m up to resuming my original challenge – training for the Disney half marathon in September. I’ve been pretty good. I’ve been running at least twice a week and I’ve been trying to squeeze in a long … Continue reading

Day V, 6 and 7 of Vi Peel

Get it? Day V? As in, the Roman numeral for the number 5 and the phonetic sound of the Vi peel. I’m funny. I’m not sure if I just heal supernaturally fast (like Wolverine!!! ….but minus the adamantium claws and the weird hair) or if my skin being oily has something to do with it. … Continue reading

Day 4 Vi Peel

I started peeling yesterday. By early afternoon, most of the skin around my mouth had split and was doing its best impersonation of a curling flower petal. I looked pretty weird. This brings me to my next list of random thoughts : 1. To Be Forewarned Is Awesome I had to pick up Clyde yesterday … Continue reading

Day 3 Of Vi Peel

I STARTED PEELING!!! Omfg, finally! My face is now the color of hm….wait, let me run to the bathroom and check again. Okay….so it’s kind of a weird pumpkin color….I can’t describe it…oh! I know what I remind myself of! George Hamilton!!!! I’m not kidding when I say I’m about the same color right now. … Continue reading


So I saw on YouBentMyWookie yesterday this awesome Mortal Kombat clip. God, I hope Warner Bros buys it. This crazy dark, bloody, gory, epic dark remake is soooo right up my alley. Jeri Ryan is hawt. I loved her as Seven Of Nine…and now she’s Sonya Blade. Nice. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Ray Park … Continue reading

Day 2 Of Vi Peel

My face is redder than a drunken sunburned pirate. I also feel like the skin on my face is stretched super tight across my facial bones because it’s trying its best to imitate a drum. So here’s what I think you should do before getting a Vi Peel. Luck Favors The Prepared Get all your … Continue reading

Vi Peel Day 1

So I got the Vi Peel done today. I went to this place. So here’s what I think : Make Up Is Good. Just Not Today Don’t go there with any makeup on. They’re gonna ask you if you have anything on your face. Therefore, try not to use moisterizers or anything else. You want … Continue reading