A Peel-ing I Will Go! Vi Peel, That Is.

I was actually trying to think of some witty way to play on the word “appealing” but this was the best I can do.


One of the things I noticed about myself after turning 30 is that I’ve become much more vain. I’m training for a friggin half marathon partially because I know it’ll be good for me in terms of my cardiovascular health but….if you really must know….it’s because I know it will do the following for me :

1. Tone my ass (literally)
2. Tone my legs
3. Make me skinny!

Another thing I’m gonna be doing in the name of beauty? I’m gonna Vi Peel my face. I have ruddy skin and, at times, I will have sudden eruptions of cystic acne that should have their own zip code on my face. Not happy and not sexy.

Dude, if this stuff can make her face go from THAT this THIS then consider me ALL ABOARD!

Vi Peel to the rescue. I thought about doing the Obagi Blue Peel but from what I’ve seen, it’s way harsh. I’m not about to subject my face that I’ve already burned off by accident when I was little to a minor burn that I’m gonna do on purpose.

I know Vi Peel is still like a burn but it’s a milder burn. So far, I keep hearing about this “fluffy” peeling effect but I dunno….I’ve never seen a burn “fluff” off the face and I’m a trained healthcare professional.

I can’t wait to do this. Debating on whether or not to include photos with the day by day notes I will be taking about my Vi Peel experience.

2 Responses to “A Peel-ing I Will Go! Vi Peel, That Is.”
  1. Stacy says:

    I was actually really considering this as well! I too suffer from bouts of cystic acne which is a pain in the ass, and this seems hella effective for the post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Being Asian seems to be doubly painful, as the marks seem to stay there forever! Please keep us updated, and I would love to see pics of your peel progression… if you have any reservations about posting them online, I’d appreciate seeing them emailed if you’d like to keep it more private. Sorry for the tangent, but I’m superbly interested! Much thanks.

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      Hey, girl!

      I have no problems posting them especially since I’m gonna be in a self imposed isolatory lockdown.

      I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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