Day 2 Of Vi Peel

My face is redder than a drunken sunburned pirate. I also feel like the skin on my face is stretched super tight across my facial bones because it’s trying its best to imitate a drum.

So here’s what I think you should do before getting a Vi Peel.

Luck Favors The Prepared

Get all your errands out of the way. I mean ALL OF THEM. Go to the bank, go to the post office, go get your doggie groomed and make sure you scheduled your dry cleaning in a timely manner so that you can pick it up the DAY BEFORE YOU GET YOUR VI PEEL.

Why? Because unless you don’t mind going out into the world with a face the color of a cherry tomato, you won’t want to leave your house.

Buuuurn, Baby, Burn

I work extensively with burned people and I always tell them the following:


This is because healed burned skin is extremely delicate aaaaaaannnnnddddd it also burns faster than the rest of you. Therefore, unless you happen to like having splotchy discolored skin, you’re gonna want to stay at home.

This ties in very well with point number 1.

However, I’m not saying you have to stay at home. The lady that did my peel said I could go out running and whatever else I wanted to do as long as I do all the things I tell my patients (sunscreen, big hats).

I just personally don’t like going out into the world looking like a weird human tomato. Therefore, I want to stay at home. This brings to light some challenges.

Feed Me!

Be sure to have enough food to last you a few days. I’d order pizza the whole time I’m in my self imposed hibernation if :

1. I wasn’t training for a marathon
2. I dislike getting fat

I’m so happy I thought far enough ahead to stock my fridge with fruits, veggies, milk, eggs and enough stuff to make a ton of ham and cheese / peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

That’s right. I eat like a 5 year old….and after a few days, I’ll have the skin to match. w00t!! So f*cking win!!!

Oh yeah. When the peel is going on your face, most people say the smell is more obnoxious than the stinging. The smell reminded me a lot of Cepacol. You know. That sore throat spray. I don’t know about you but I kind of like that smell.

4 Responses to “Day 2 Of Vi Peel”
  1. j3ntan says:

    oooooh how exciting Bonnie!~! updates please, you know I could use some baby skin! what about before/afters … pretty pretty please??

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      I will be updating daily on how I feel and what I notice. I was gonna post pictures but I’m noticing you can’t really appreciate the redness because somehow the natural lighting and artificial lighting in my apartment washes the redness away.

      I’ll be taking some tomorrow when I hopefully start peeling and, if you want, I’ll email the series to you or something. 😀

  2. Stacy says:

    This sounds pretty extreme. I’ve been researching a bit on the peel, and it apparently affects the deep layers of skin that contribute to pigmentation. Quite a few actually mention that they’ve gotten some dark spotting due to the peel o_o! I hope yours isn’t doing that… I’m mostly interested in how this will affect Asian skin specifically since it tends to be more sensitive/prone to hyper-pigmentation overall.

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      Hey Stacy!

      So far, I don’t see any evidence of the hyperpigmentation. I took a before picture and I’ll take an after picture. If you like, I’ll send them to you.

      This peel does affect some of the deeper layers of skin but that’s why you get the results you do versus something like an enzyme peel. It’s kind of like a really super duper bad sunburn.

      Of course, everyone’s results will be different because your skin is different from my skin even though we’re Asian. Some Asians will keloid scar but I don’t.

      One of the questions you’ll be asked is how your skin reacts when it’s injured. My scars aren’t dark nor are they raised. When my scabs fall off, they’re usually the color of my normal skin tone.

      For these reasons, I don’t think I’ll have hyperpigmentation.

      But of course, there are other factors to consider.

      You have to take good care of your skin during the peel (try to stay out of the sun, use sunblock if you have to be in the sun, moisterize Moisterize MOISTERIZE) and don’t pick!!


      I’ll keep you posted.

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