So I saw on YouBentMyWookie yesterday this awesome Mortal Kombat clip.

God, I hope Warner Bros buys it. This crazy dark, bloody, gory, epic dark remake is soooo right up my alley. Jeri Ryan is hawt. I loved her as Seven Of Nine…and now she’s Sonya Blade. Nice. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Ray Park (hellloooooo, Darth Maul and SNAKE EYES!!) was one of the fighters? You know all the fanboys and fangirls would come out in hordes.

I’m totally dancing around my apartment with the Mortal Kombat theme song on blast while screaming “FATAAAALITY!!!!! FINISH HIM!!!”

No, I’m not crazy.

By the way, in case you don’t know, those photos of those babies with the red eyes and diamond skin are real. That’s an actual condition and not Hollywood hype. They’re known as Harlequin Babies. 😦

Poor babies….

2 Responses to “MORTAL KOMBAT!!!”
  1. MM says:

    Ooo Ray Parks would be an excellent cast. Not sure who he’s play though. Maybe one of the many ninjas.

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      I’m not sure who he’d play either….I’m also going as one of the many ninja dudes but hopefully Sub Zero. That would be pretty bad ass.

      Or maybe Kano. That’d be pretty cool too.

      ….I’m hoping for Kano.

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