Day 3 Of Vi Peel

I STARTED PEELING!!! Omfg, finally! My face is now the color of hm….wait, let me run to the bathroom and check again. Okay….so it’s kind of a weird pumpkin color….I can’t describe it…oh! I know what I remind myself of! George Hamilton!!!!

I’m not kidding when I say I’m about the same color right now.
Call me Georgina Hamilton. Pleased to meet you.
He’s constantly “tanned”.
I’m artificially burned.
Yeah….I’d call it even too. πŸ˜€

I noticed that I have a harder time figuring out the shade my face has become unless it’s under super bright artificial light. Strange.

The little post care brochure says I should see some peeling around the peri-oral area (that’s “mouth”, btw) first. I actually started peeling around the nostrils and this morning I noticed a little flap of dead skin flapping in the breeze along my jaw.


A few thoughts running through my head :

1. Just Say No

Like most burns, you will itch like nobody’s business as you heal. That’s just the way it is. Vi Peel is no exception. My face feels really tight and I have to resist the urge to attempt to bongo drum my forehead.

I’m a picker. By that, I mean I’m one of those people who like to pop zits on other people and take disgusting delight when all that crap comes squirting out. Remember those YouTube videos featuring some drunk guy and “Herman”? >:)

Btw, it’s really sick. If you’re easily grossed out, don’t watch it. This is a pretty old video so chances are you’ve probably seen it….but just in case you didn’t, consider yourself warned!

So what does that have to do with anything? Simple. I like to pick at things and pop things. The grosser the better!!! This is why I’m good at my job.

But you’re not supposed to pick at the dead skin peeling off. This is because you can cause hyperpigmentation (dark discolored areas). It’ll also cause redness and irritation. My face already feels irritated and it’s already burnt-orange-George-Hamilton red. I don’t need any help in furthering this current state of being, thanks.

No picking also means try not to scratch at it. I suppose you could tap your face but that not only makes you look like you’re slapping yourself but it gives the impression that you’re an orange faced spazz.

2. It Hurts To Laugh

Like I said earlier, my skin is stretched pretty tight. It doesn’t exactly hurt to laugh or smile but it definitely feels weird because I can feel the dried and burned layer cracking over the new layers.

I’m starting to feel like the caterpillar that’s trying to come out of the cocoon as a brand spanking new butterfly but with way less drama. So win.

3. Because I’m Random

In a stroke of utter genius, I decided to have some coffee at 9 p.m. last night. That means I didn’t go to bed till about….3 in the morning. I was so bored and needed a distraction from my itching face so I decided to paint my nails.

I painted them OPI’s “Big Apple Red”.

That’s right.

It was so that my nails could match what I think my face looks like. πŸ˜€

Don’t worry. My face really isn’t that red.


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