Day 4 Vi Peel

I started peeling yesterday. By early afternoon, most of the skin around my mouth had split and was doing its best impersonation of a curling flower petal. I looked pretty weird. This brings me to my next list of random thoughts :

1. To Be Forewarned Is Awesome

I had to pick up Clyde yesterday at the airport. This means I had to slather on the SPF 70 sunblock (I’m just a wee bit paranoid. Hey, I didn’t pay mad $$$$ just to refry my skin when I’m not supposed to.) and hope to God I didn’t run into any kids on my way to the car.

I made a point to warn him ahead of him that I will be peeling like a molting snake when he sees me. I didn’t want to scare the hell out of him nor did I want my feelings hurt if he were to jump 10 feet back while yelling “HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF GOD” because he wasn’t prepared for my….temporary face.

He took a look at my peeling, mostly orange with spots of pink face and said “Hi, baby. Ooh, you’re healing. * big kiss *”

Good thing he likes snakes. Me too! Sweet!

2. Not Exactly A Snow Drift

I’m shedding so much skin, I’m pretty sure all the dust mites within a 50 mile radius are dancing a happy jig because all this dead skin will feed generations of new dust mites. Awesome.

I’m not kidding. You’re not supposed to pick and pull at the skin coming off but if you need to, you can TRIM the curlings. And that’s exactly what I did. My manic attention to fine detail meant I was in front of my super bright bathroom mirror obsessively manicuring the dead skin off my face.

It is key to note that I am only trimming off the parts that have detached from my face (meaning it isn’t in direct contact) but only the parts that aren’t flush against my face. In other words, I left a little hedge of dead skin just to make sure I’m not inadvertently tugging on the shedding parts. That would suck.

When I was done (for the moment), I surveyed the counter and noticed a little pile of flesh colored curls and flakes.


That was aaaaall me and my dead shedding skin in all its fallen glory. ^_______^

3. James Brown Said “I Feel Good” And I Agree!

So that was one song that ran through my mind. Know what’s another?

That’s right. Divinyls’s “I Touch Myself” because I am. My skin feels like a baby’s butt. Well, the portions of my face that has finished shedding feels like a baby’s butt. The portions that haven’t shed still feels likes rough sandpaper. * sigh *

Almost there!


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