Running Has It’s Benefits

Now that I’m done Vi Peel-ing my face, I’m up for my next challenge. Actually, I should say I’m up to resuming my original challenge – training for the Disney half marathon in September.

I’ve been pretty good. I’ve been running at least twice a week and I’ve been trying to squeeze in a long run every week. So far, my short run has increased to 2.5 miles each and my last long run logged in about 4.5 miles. I need to do a long run this week….so I’m doing a 10k.

That’s 6.3 miles. Wtf…I haven’t run 6.anything miles since I was in high school.

So here’s what I noticed so far during the last month or so that I’ve been training :

Baby Got Back

I am now an AWA – Asian With Ass. My glutes are like….out there. I feel * sort.of.almost.not.really * like the girls in the Sir Mix-A-Lot video.

Yup. Sort of.

2. I’m Carbo Loading

Running is awesome. Not only do I get to go shopping for awesome new clothes, I also get to eat a whole bunch of stuff I normally don’t eat.

Yesterday at work saw me shoveling in cupcakes, slices of pound cake and banana bread for breakfast. My coworkers were a little concerned but I reassured them that I’m simply carbo loading because I have a 10k to do on Sunday.

Friends : “Uh….Bonnie….you’re not supposed to eat things like cake and stuff….”

Me : “Cakes are made out of flour and sugar. Those are carbs therefore I’m supposed to be eating this stuff!”

They think I’m delusional. I think I’m right.

3. Restrictions Are No Fun

Clyde said I shouldn’t really eat things too oily and fried starting Friday evening (last night). I was so sad….but perked up once I realized he told me this in the morning. That means I could still have fried chicken for lunch because it wasn’t evening yet!!

So that’s exactly what I did. Omfg, it was so good.

4. Carbo Loading The Right Way

I’ll be making this for dinner tonight.
It’s Angel Hair Pasta with Basil and Shrimp.
We’re also having garlic bread.

I am so hungry now. That’s the bad thing about eating refined carbs. I fill up really fast but then I have to feed Barney the Tapeworm again just as fast. * sigh *

I should start making dinner now. πŸ˜€


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