Race Virgin No More

I did my first 10K yesterday in Culver City. That means I ran a little over 6 miles. I was feeling pretty good because I thought I had run at least 2 miles….and then I saw the 1 mile marker ahead of me. That’s when I realized I was about to die.

By the 2nd mile, I was hating life. Mile 3 saw me cursing up a storm in my head, wondering WTF was I thinking and why did I think doing this stupid 10k was a good idea. Last but not least, I was asking myself why I ever signed up and PAID $120 to do a half marathon in September. I couldn’t breathe by Mile 5 and I couldn’t feel my feet by Mile 6.

That’s a lot of questions to answer but not to worry. I had plenty of time to come up with the answers because my goal was to finish this thing in 1 hour and 30 minutes. I’m happy to say I finished it in 1 hour 23 minutes!!!!! I ALSO WASN’T LAST IN MY AGE GROUP!!! I was second to last….but whatever. I wasn’t last. Muahahaha!!!!

Clyde was running with me and he can run faster than me. I felt bad because I knew I was holding him back from bettering his 10k time. When I was busy gasping like a dying fish, I managed to croak, “You….go….first…. I’ll….. catch…………. up..with………… you………* gasp * wheeze * …..later…..”

He wouldn’t have any of that. He stayed by me the whole time and kept encouraging me to keep at it. I think he has ESP-n or something because he would say that to me when I was mentally coming up with reasons why I should flop over dead on the side walk but away from the piles of horse poop. I wasn’t ever going to give up….but fantasizing about it kept my mind occupied and stopped me from remembering that my muscles were on fire.

So here’s what I learned and what I noticed :

Never Ever E-V-A-R Judge!

There were people who I didn’t think could run. Call me judgemental (I was) but they didn’t look like what a runner’s supposed to look like. They weren’t lean or even in shape. Then again, neither am I but hell, I’m not trying to convince anyone that I can beat world records.

These were the people who kicked my ass in the 10k. No joke. The ones who looked like me beat people who looked like they were really in shape. Go figure.

Slow And Steady

Another humbling experience came in threes. I called them the Trio because there were two grandmas and one grandfatherly figure. I literally ate their dust for the entire 10k. That’s right. A bunch of grandparents kicked my ass but they weren’t even running. They were power walking. Good God…

In the end, I was so happy because :

– I finished the 10k well within my goal time
– I didn’t fall down
– I’m averaging a 13.26 minute mile
– Clyde is so supportive
– we stuffed our faces with pizza and had an awesome nap after the race. 😀

3 Responses to “Race Virgin No More”
  1. Lance says:

    Nice! How long did it take you to be able to run 6mi? I need to get into shape and I know that even a 2mi run would kill me. My muscles can take it, but my lungs would shrivel up.

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      Hi Lance!

      You know, I used to be like you. I couldn’t run 0.5 miles. Now I’m on my way to 8 miles.

      I’ll tell you a secret. I don’t run it all at once. You know what? I’m about to write a post on running right now. Check back in about 2 hours and I’ll answer your question. 😀

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