Home Spa Time

Today was the kind of day at work where I wanted to :

1. Pull out my hair
2. Curl in a fetal position and cry
3. Both at the same time

However, it would be highly unprofessional of me if I did that. Therefore, I went to a happy place in my head during the 15 minutes I managed to find for lunch. My fantasy was a spa day….but what the hell kind of spa is open this late and cheap? I guess I could go to the Korean spas but I don’t feel like being stared at by a bunch of naked Korean ladies who are old enough to be my mom.

Therefore, I decided I was going to have a night of pampering at home. This will be awesome because I can run around in my pajamas, play the kind of music *I* want to hear, get the treatments *I* want to have with premium products AND it’s much easier on the wallet.

Yup, this was me at home….sort of.

Scrub A Dub Dub, Bonnie’s In The Tub

I gave myself a hair treatment with Eufora’s Urgent Repair treatment. I got it in a giant gift package when Audrey Magazine published something I wrote last year. It’s awesome.

I then scrubbed the bejeezus out of my skin with this chocolate sugar scrub thing. I now smell like a giant chocolate cake. It’s really hard for me not to lick my arm right now.

Mask Time!

As you know, I got a Vi Peel last month. My skin is awesome and I want to keep it that way. But how? I’m not down to subject myself to that again.

Therefore, I decided to make a mask for myself. I’ve been hearing all these things about aspirin masks so I decided to make my own.

I used :

One crushed tablet of Aspirin 81 mg
Two teaspoons full fat plain unsweetened yogurt
One teaspoon green tea powder macha tea
One teaspoon honey

Mix together.
Apply to clean, dry face.
Leave on for 15 minutes.
Wash off with warm water.
* added bonus? The crushed aspirin bits exfoliate at the same time. *
Apply moisterizer.

Aspirin 81 mg

Aspirin is an acid. Don’t get carried away with this. This means I started off using 81 mg. This is a time when more is not better. Acid burns. Remember that. I’m using this amount for now so that I can see how my skin reacts to it. Aspirin will also dry out your face so again, don’t go crazy with putting too much of this in your mask.

I tested a small patch of skin and since I didn’t have adverse reactions, I applied this to my face. Make sure you do the same. If you have aspirin allergies, do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT use this.

Also, do not use the enteric coated or safety coated tablets.

I don’t own a mortar and pestle at home but since I’m ghetto at work and know how to Frankenstein just about anything together, I can crush tablets using folded paper towels and a giant glass bottle of sesame oil. Unless you’ve got mad skills like me via over 5 years of training as a nurse smashing the sh*t out of meds, I suggest you get a mortar and pestle and USE IT ONLY FOR THIS PURPOSE!! Do not crush other meds with it. You don’t want to be smearing blood pressure meds on your face, do you? Mmm hmm. I didn’t think so.

Powdered Green Tea

You can find this in Asian markets. I love powdered green tea.

Green tea has anti-inflammatory properties and it soothes the skin. As a weak tea, it’s also good as a toner.


Honey is a natural humectant (<- that's a fancy word for moisterizer). Strangely, this did not feel sticky and gross. All it did was make the mask smell really yummy.

Plain Yogurt

This contains lactic acid which is great for smoothing out skin. It also feels really nice when I smeared the mask all over my face.

My skin feels super smooth and soft. I think I’m going to use this mask 2x a week. Score!

I am now going to Latisse my eyelashes, paint my nails, have some Scotch and chocolate. Hell yes, this is how I unwind. So awesome.

2 Responses to “Home Spa Time”
  1. lily says:

    ohhhhh you use latisse? how do you like it so far? have your eye lids gotten darker? is it only for your upper lids cuz my bottom lashes are like almost nonexistent…

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      Hi Lily!

      Wow, sorry this took so long! I am using Latisse and I love it! My lashes are getting longer and it’s great! They are not getting fuller but I don’t think that’s what it’s supposed to do.

      My lids HAVE NOT gotten darker but that’s just me. They do not recommend it for your bottom lashes which makes me sad because I have the same problem you do! x)

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