Ready Or Not!! Comic Con 2010, Here I Come!!

Guess who’s going to Comic Con again? Yup, that’s right. YouBentMyWookie is sending me off again. I can’t wait.

Pressing questions on my mind :

To Do Be Or Not To Be?

Do I dress up or not? I didn’t put much thought into costumes this year because last year was just mind boggling. I guess if I really want to, I can do the whole summer kimono thing again. I have no problems going to the after parties dressed up like a summer geisha minus the epic geisha makeup.

The problem with that outfit is trying to pee. Holy mother of all that is awesome, that is just freaking hard.


I’m looking over prospective people / shows / directors / talent to interview. Good God, planning out these next couple of days are going to be crazy. Things I want to do for sure are the following :

1. Go to the “Green Hornet” and “Priest” panels. Why? Oppa’s company did the 3D stuff. Gotta support, you know what I mean? 😀

Two words. Olivia. Munn.
Two more. Freaking. Hot.

2. Attempt to get a picture of Olivia Munn. One of my good friends is a rabid fan who ALSO HAPPENS TO BE IN THE MILITARY. He’s a hero who is keeping my ass safe. Therefore, the least I can do is be all ninja papparazzi and score him a picture of Her Epic Awesomeness for him. Key word here is “try”. * sigh * Last year was super hard. I’m hoping this year will be better.

That’s the end of my list so far. Last year’s points of fantasticness was seeing my friend Alan Vega and getting drunk, meeting Ray Park (aka he of Darth Maul-ness) and getting druuunk.

Hm. I’m seeing a pattern here. Nice.

I suppose I could dress up as Lara Croft…but that means I need shoes.
Oooh!! Excuse to go buy shoes. Nice. I love it.

Anyway, so do I dress up or not? God, this is so hard….I think next year, I’m just gonna go as Lara Croft. God knows I can pull that off since 90% of my closet is black. I just need the shoes. Hm….maybe I should just go shoe shopping tomorrow for combat boots and then just call it a day. That would work. Sweet.

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