Long Distance Convos With The Boyfriend

Clyde loves watching TV shows about food. I recently developed the same addiction. I love Anthony Bourdain (the man is HILARIOUS and such an awesome writer!) and that Man vs. Food dude. I’m dying to know what his numbers look like (triglycerides, blood sugar levels, etc). Apparently, Clyde decided to try one of the challenges which explains the following conversation.

Clyde : Babe, I attempted the Pho Challenge at Pho Garden and failed. I feel so gross.

Me : Oh no!!! Poor baby!! Dino the Tapeworm waved his flag of surrender? 😦
Me : No worries. You’re still a winner in my book! 🙂

Clyde : Omg Dino is knocked out.

Me : Barney is sad you guys feel so….squishy… x)

Hello! I’m Barney the Tapeworm!
Bonnie finally got her friend to draw me because she sucks and can’t draw for beans.
Thank God her friends are talented. 😀

So it should be pretty obvious from the last post that I have an imaginary tapeworm that I’ve named Barney the Tapeworm. I decided Clyde should have one too because I’ve never really seen a human male pack away as much food as he can without throwing up.

I named his Dino the Tapeworm because I wanted to stick with the whole Flintstones theme. I’m sure the creators of that cartoon are thrilled beyond belief.

You gotta love a man who not only thinks my weird and wacky ways is cute but who loves me for it. You also gotta love a man who will also play along with my imaginary tapeworm adventures. I know I do.


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