Mark Salling / Puck Is So Hot

Last night was spent at Xomad’s little get-together at Eva Longeria-Parker’s Beso Restaurant and Kiss Lounge. I had so much fun. Why? BECAUSE PUCK HIGH FIVED ME! Oh yeah. The food was great, the blackberry theme drinks were SOO GOOD and I had a great time.

Helloooooo, Puck, you naughty singing high school pool boy.
….omg….I just realized how that sounded. Oops.

I’m a proud gLeek. Glee is one of the only shows on TV that I will watch religiously. I usually can’t remember what time, what day or even what channel my other favorite shows are on but I know when Glee comes on the boob tube.

He’s taller than I had expected. He’s taller than me (I’m 5’7) AND I’m wearing 4-5 inch heels. He’s also really nice. He took my state of blabbering fan girl in stride and high fived me before being whisked away to meet someone else. Thank you, Xomad, for bringing my Puck to me so that I might meet him.


So what did I learn (again) last night? Vodka does not play well when mixed with beer. Soju does not play well PERIOD. Ugh. MinnieMouse and I decided we needed to munch on something so we came back to Ktown. It’s past 10:30 so we decided to go to a lounge….and got beer and french fries. Exactly what part of this spells out “well balanced dinner” eludes me at this minute but it made damn good sense last night.

We then decided to go to the super shady looking karaoke place around the corner after. I’m not sure why we went there instead of the usual places we go to. Probably because this place was closer and didn’t have valet because we only had $2 cash between the two of us at this point. She was like “Ooh! Let’s go to the 7-11! There’s an ATM there!” and I was like “Woman, do you not know how not safe that is? We’re dressed like expensive hookers and in a shady part of Ktown. Let’s not.”

And this is why we thought it was a good idea to go to a SHADY LOOKING KARAOKE JOINT because that made perfect sense. * sigh * Never fear. It wasn’t *that* kind of karaoke place even though it looked like it. I checked on Yelp, she asked our waiter and we called every guy we know just to make sure. Due diligence and all that.

We had a great time (“My humps!! My hump my hump my hump!! My lovely lady lumps!” I don’t know why I love that song when I’m tipsy and at NRB. * sigh *), we got fishcake soup (mmmm….) and the guy who worked there giggled and told MinnieMouse that her voice sounds like a 9 year old so her boyfriend must like that.


What. The. F&^#. Is this like an old Korean man fetish or something? He had a total ham sup, sukebe look on his face when he said that. I’d say “pervert” in Korean but I don’t know that word yet.

Ugh…why did I drink soju….and smoke cigarettes again….wwwhhhyyyy???!! Oh yeah. I quit smoking and now I’m wondering why I ever smoked in the first place. I feel and smell like crap. Ugh.

4 Responses to “Mark Salling / Puck Is So Hot”
  1. jin says:

    Expensive hookers, LOL

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      Yes, my friend. Actually, she was the one who brought it up because her roomie took one look at her dress and said it made her look like an expensive hooker. She then attributed the term to what I was wearing also.

      I ❤ my friends.

  2. “byun-teh” = pervert in korean (^^) LOL

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