I Love Shopping. It’s Great Therapy.

Sometimes, a girl gets stressed out to the point where the only thing that makes sense is….retail therapy. That was me. So I got myself something pretty from my friend who happens to be listing some of her things. Here’s a little bit about her that I took from her site, Five Two And A Half :

I admit it…I’m a shopaholic. However, it seems that I have completely run out of space! I used to sell my personal items on eBay or to friends but I’ve decided to give this world of blogging a shot and see if I could clean out my closets in order to make room for some new items! Just kidding!

FYI, I’m not getting paid to talk about her and her site. She is a personal friend who has great stuff in great condition so I figured why not help her spread the awesomeness around, you know? If you know her, her shopping habit and her obsession with taking care of her things, you will know the following :

1. All her items are authentic.
2. They are in either super good to immaculate condition.
3. Some of her stuff literally has never been worn and still have the tags on.

Check out my favorite piece she has offered up so far.

Limited Edition Chloe. Isn’t it bee-yoo-tee-ful?
Too bad it’s gone and not for sale. * sigh *

I did pick up this pair of Gucci glasses for $40. She listed it for $50 but she entertains reasonable offers.

I know it’s not the crazy trendy, Hi-I-Have-Gigantic-Bug-Eyes style but I don’t care. I like love it.

A few morsels for you to consider. This bag is quite nice, if I say so myself.

Louise Vuitton Petit Noe for $679. Nice.
* Black Epi Leather
* Retail $1,140
* Condition: Excellent! a few MINOR scratches on exterior, interior is perfect and clean
* Gold/Brassy hardware, logo embossed
* Includes Original Dust Bag
* Adjustable strap
* Size: 10.6″ Height, 9.4″ Length
* If you look on ebay the bags for sale have been so overused that the leather is lifeless and “soft” and the bag does not retain it’s shape. This bag is stiff and stands up straight like a brand new bag.

And for you funkier people out there, feast your eyes on THIS!

She’s listed this pair of HIGHLY LIMITED EDITION pair of sunglasses for $2,900.
* Blends Fire Iridium Edition
* 20 made in the entire world! – DEFINITE COLLECTOR’S ITEM!
* Made through a collaboration with Oakley “Retrospectacle,” an exhibition about seldom seen Oakley classics from their private museum.
* Inspired by the original gradient coloring found on the Oakley Iridium lenses.
* Hand made due to the difficulty in achieving the unique look.
* Includes: Original box and soft bag case
* FYI…this sold for as much as $7,000! On eBay it’s listed at $4,000!

How the hell she managed to get her hands on this is testament to her crazy shopping skills.

If you like what you see, go to her site, Five Two And A Half. I checked it again today and I see she’s selling some clothes. She’s pretty petite and thin so, alas, my Asian Amazon body can’t fit into her clothes.

Maybe this is a blessing because I’d be all over those coats she’s posting. * drool *


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