Love and Sanrio

Know what love is? Love is me sitting on the couch watching the Raiders win against…whatever loser team was playing this past weekend with Clyde (GO, RAIDERS!!!! I know crap about football but that’s another story for another day). Love is me giggling like a retard when he mighty morphs into AngrySportsFreakClyde and his event specific case of acute Tourette’s kicks in when kick off begins. That’s love.

But you know how I know Clyde loves me? Two Words.

Hello. Kitty.

….dude…I need to tattoo this on my butt. Just kidding.
I’m going to tattoo this on my forehead. Just kidding.

So there’s this thing going on starting this Friday called Small Gift LA put on by Sanrio. God, this brings back memories!!! I used to love those little bags they gave out as presents whenever I conned my mom into getting me Sanrio stuff. Back in the day, I loved Little Twin Stars. They were my favorite. My sister loved Tuxedo Sam. I think it was because he was blue. Haa haa haa.

My grown up Sanrio love. Her name is Kuromi.
Clyde asked me who my favorite character is so I showed him.
Clyde : “….rather mischievous and slightly evil looking, isn’t she?”
Me : “Yeah!!! That’s why I love her!!! AND SHE LOVES PINK AND BLACK AND SKULLS TOO!!!!!”
Clyde : “…..I see……”

Anyways. Let me get to the point to this whole story. This Saturday is their I HEART NERDS PARTY!!!!!! Tickets are required for admission and it looks like soooo muuuucccchhhh fuuuuuuunnnnnn!!!!!

I tried to hint to Clyde that I wanted to go. His answer? “Hello Kitty party, no. Your friend’s birthday dinner, yes”.

* huge tears of epic emo sadness rolled down my face. Alas, it was all for nothing since he wasn’t physically here to witness them fall in all their awesome tragic majesty. *

However, being the super smart man that he is, he very quickly figured out how badly I wanted to go when I brought it up again later that night. The conversation was more or less like :

Clyde : “Hey, baby….what did you do today?”
Me : “blah blah blah….and then I looked at the Hello Kitty party thingy again!”

Clyde : “I see….so what is it again, exactly?”
Me : * reading stuff off their site *

Clyde : “Ah…I see. I can tell you really want to go.”
Me : * nodding vigorously. Oh wait. Crap, he can’t see me nod. * I DO, I DO, I DO!!!!!

Clyde : * sigh * Okay….I’ll go with you since you really want to go….
Me : * SQUEAL *

But here’s the thing. I know how tired he’s going to be that day. He gave me a brief run down of what his day’s going to look like. The “I Heart Nerds” party is from 8:30p.m. – 11:30p.m. That means he doesn’t really get a chance to rest over the weekend.

As much as I love Sanrio, I love my man more. The fact that he was willing to brave the hordes of other similarly crazed Sanrio addicts and fiends Sanrio fans after a long day of running around doing stuff is what means everything to me.

In the end, I decided I’d much rather spend the evening at home with Clyde, have the awesome Italian wine and other yummy goodies I bought at Cube in WeHo while we pretend we’re in Europe somewhere.

And that, to me, is love. ❤

2 Responses to “Love and Sanrio”
  1. jin says:

    Good Lord, barf, you guys are barf.

    • Miss Bonnified says:

      If by “barf” you mean “totally AWESOME BEYOND ALL THAT IS AWESOME”, I am in complete agreement. 😀 😀 😀

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