Vacation 2010

Last year, I went completely crazy partying it up in Honolulu, LA, Vegas and New York. This year, I stayed in Los Angeles and had the strangest vacation to date.

I spent the first few days running around with Clyde running errands. Then, I spent the next week teaching myself how to crochet. I wrestled with yarn while sweating profusely and swearing up a storm while watching an obscene amount of anime. BTW, I LOOOOOVE Full Metal Alchemist! I’m waiting for Netflix to instant stream Full Metal Alchemist : Brotherhood. I also love Soul Eater. I hope they carry Bleach, Cowboy Bebop and Inuyasha soon!

The last week of my vacation was spent recovering from a root canal and being really dizzy from the Vicodin I was prescribed. I really don’t like Vicodin. Someone please tell me why people like taking this shit. It makes me really dizzy and I can’t think straight. I’ve lost my appetite as a result and have to force food down so that I don’t throw up the pain medication. What part of this screams “OOOH!!! I WANT TO ABUSE THIS CRAP” is beyond me.

If people like being dizzy so much, I have a much cheaper and safer way for them to achieve this sensation. All they have to do is spin in a tight circle really fast for as long as they can with their eyes closed. Ta da!!! There you go!! Instant head trip! Added bonus = it’s totally free and you don’t have to worry about losing your job or going to jail because you held up and robbed a pharmacy to get your fix. Winner winner chicken dinner!

So the difference from the vacations I took as a 20-something year old and a full fledged 30 year old is apparently a huge one. I am now more responsible and take better care of myself. Thank God!! It only took…..30 years….but hey! Better late than never, right? πŸ™‚


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