The Finale :: He Liked It So He Put A Ring On It

This was our song when we first started getting to know each other. Every time I hear it, I am instantly traveling back in time to those first giddy weeks. The lyrics are right on the money too. I love this song.

Okay, so back to the story on we got engaged.

He got pretty quiet so I figured he fell asleep. All of a sudden, out of nowhere, we have the following conversation :

Clyde : Hey, babe….so…..I actually have one more present for you.

Suddenly, I’m totally not sleepy anymore. I’m wide awake and my ears have perked up to the point where they could qualify as bat ears.

Me : Present?

Clyde : Haa haa haa….yeah, I have one more present. Do you want me to give it to you now or later?

Me : HmmmNOW!

He laughs at me some more and shuffles over to his bag in the dark. I can’t remember if he turned the lights on. I’m pretty sure he did. I think. I forgot. 😦

I’m sitting in bed all excited and trying not to bounce around too much. I have to act mature because, after all, I’m 31. ….haa haa haa, yeah, that’s so not happening.

I remember he turns around and he has this funny expression on his face…like he swallowed a big bug. I’m still grinning like a crazed monkey but I managed to stop myself from peeking around him to see what he was hiding behind his back.

He comes over and kneels by my side of the bed. At this point, I thought something was amiss because he usually sits next to me….but now he’s kneeling on the floor. My epic detective skills failed me here because like I said in my last post, I was so sure he wasn’t going to propose anymore. Those awesome birthday presents were the perfect red herring.

He doesn’t say much besides “Here” as he hands me this little white box. I instantly thought “SWEET!!! HE GOT ME EARRINGS!!!” The reason I thought this is because a few weeks ago, I had mentioned to Clyde that I wanted to reset my little diamond studs. I hate martini settings for earrings and wanted to get them redone. This is why I was so sure I was getting a pair of earrings.

I still couldn’t figure out why he was kneeling though.

This is what I found when I opened the box.
Not to state the obvious, but these aren’t earrings.
THIS IS SOOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!111one11!!eleventyone

I was stunned and confused. I started to frown.

Where are my earrings? That doesn’t look like a pair of earrings. Oh, I know!! This is just ONE of the earrings!! He’s going to give me the other half of it right after he sees whether or not I like the design. Got it.

Hey….wait a minute….Now that I look at it a big closer, why does that look like a ring ….and why…is….Clyde kneeling…. oooooh….

OOOOH SH**********TTTTTT!!!!

I have no idea what my face must’ve looked like (I probably looked slightly angry when I first saw the ring due to the little frown developing on my face) because Clyde’s hands were cold when he touched me (I wonder what he was thinking and if he thought I was mad) and he sounded a little funny when he said this to me :

Babe, I know I’m not the most romantic man in the world. You’re the most wonderful and supportive woman I know and I love you. Will you marry me?

I said “OMG, YES!” and then immediately started to cry. I didn’t know what else to do. I kept saying “Oh!” over and over while looking at my ring. He had to tell me to put it on. Duh….real smooth, Bonnie. I kept blubbering and crying and staring at my ring on my finger.

He said he didn’t know how to propose. He thought of a bunch of various scenarios but ultimately, he proposed to me when we were in our pajamas and I was in bed. This, seriously, is the most perfect way he could’ve asked me to be his wife. Holy shit, I’m going to be CLYDE’S WIFE!

What was I saying? ….oh yeah. So, to me, this was perfect because it’s US, you know? He didn’t know if I wanted some extravagant crazy public proposal or if I wanted something more intimate. What he didn’t know was that however he proposed would’ve been perfect to me.

Besides. How many girls can say they were wearing a pair of GLOW IN THE DARK COOKIE PANTS when they got engaged? That’s right. Suck on that and like it.

I was a single (well, I had a boyfriend but most institutions don’t recognize boyfriend-girlfriend relationships as being official. Bastards.) 31 year old for all of maybe 30 minutes. And then I became an ENGAGED 31 year old.

Of course, by that time, I was too excited to sleep. I think I text a bunch of my family and close friends at 1 in the morning to tell them how my 31st birthday was off to the best possible start.

I thought 30 was the best year ever. I think 31 just completely upstaged and stole the crown from 30.

I’M GETTING MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE. Life is grand. I am so very blessed!

….omfg, this means I have to start planning a wedding….

4 Responses to “The Finale :: He Liked It So He Put A Ring On It”
  1. Lisa says:

    Such a sweet post, Bonnie! Made me all teary! :*) I love hearing about couples in love! Yaaaaay! So happy for you. And I JUST figured out who your hubby-to-be is when I took a peek at your pictures. LOL.

    You will looove marriage. =) Don’t forget to pop in on words with friends once in a while! hehe.

  2. Aw that was so sweet! =) Proposal stories are always so heartwarming. I can picture you saying “oh! oh!” and forgetting to put the ring on. Congrats!!

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