Adventure In Wedding Planning : Budget Reality

So Clyde and I are getting married!! Yee haw!!!! …I don’t know why my inner cowgirl came out but she did. I’m excited every single time I tell myself “I am Mrs. Clyde”. I also take every opportunity to tell that to Clyde. He smiles every time. I probably sound like a parrot to him. MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Lifetime, baby.

You know what I honestly thought? I really thought that getting the ring was it. Done. Finite. I completely forgot the WEDDING that accompanies the ring. For some reason, that minor detail in becoming Mrs. Clyde escaped me.

Planning for a wedding reminds me of a mix between childbirth and S&M. Sexy, I know. Makes you all want to do it now, huh?

First things first, we had to set a budget. This means we had to tell each other our deepest darkest secrets – our income, our debt and financial obligations. You know what’s funny? I thought it would be more painful than this. Maybe it’s because Clyde is so chill. Dude, I totally got lucky.

I always thought I would have a fairytale wedding with a definite Bonnified twist to it but the reality is…..much harsher. Luckily, I have identified areas in which I will be cutting corners but we are still not left with a lot of wiggle room. At first, I was a little sad because this is the day every girl dreams about. But you know what I realized?

1. I don’t want us to go into debt because I want an insane wedding.

2. As much as I want a mind blowing wedding and party, I want us to have a HOME more than anything else. He feels the same way. Good to know we’re on the same page.

So yes, we are on a strict budget but we’ve also budgeted an allowance for ourselves to hang out with our friends. After all, we’re on a budget. We’re not monks.

Day One of Wedding Budget Awesomeness started today.

Breakfast = oatmeal at home.
Lunch = sushi bento lunch special
Dinner = Shin Ramen with eggs. <- yes. You read that right. Instant. Ramen.

Barney the Tapeworm is crying little tears but he knows why he, too, must be on a budget.

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