A Year’s Worth – 2010

Dear 2010, Holy Cheesus, what a year. Let’s see…where do I begin…I guess the beginning would be a good place, huh? 1. I went on a date with a man who I’ve never met but has seen him around the Interwebs for years. 2. I went on a few more dates with this man. 3. … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Twisted

Now that we’ve figured out our budget, the biggest thing Clyde and I have to tackle is the venue and date. We saw a couple and I’ve talked to a bunch of different places. There’s a definite front runner and I’m hoping I can talk him into committing to it by the end of the … Continue reading

Santa, Baby. We Gotta Talk.

Dear Santa, So it’s about that time of year. In case you haven’t heard the good news, I’m getting married!! I know, right?! How crazy is that?! Too bad you couldn’t have delivered him to me all wrapped up complete with a bow on his head but then again, I don’t think he’d appreciate being … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : Over It

So yesterday was probably one of the worst days I’ve ever had being engaged. This is thanks to a venue telling me I don’t have enough money to get married and that I can’t afford a wedding. Instead of further venting, I decided to let it go. I already reviewed them on Yelp based upon … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : Venue Search Hell

From little girls to full blown adulthood, most females, at some point in their life will do at least one of the following regarding their wedding day : 1. They dream about it. 2. They think about it in passing. 3. They obsess about it. I confess to all three, especially the last one since … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : Something Blue

I have a head full of useless trivia. My sister tells me I should go on Jeopardy because I either know most of those answers or my freak memory will allow me to remember them if I study for a few hours. An example of the weird things I’ve always known but never really thought … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : The Nightmare

I finally got to see Clyde after over a week yesterday. Dude, that was just way too much time away from my man. I don’t like it. 😦 He knows it too because he told his boss that he has to come visit me otherwise I’ll feel neglected and not talk to him for a … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : Stressed. Out.

The full impact of the words “I’M GETTIN’ MARRIED” has smacked me not only upside the head but across the ass as well. I had no idea planning for this event is so….so….what’s the word for “sucks out all remaining energy from my body and soul”? Somebody also please explain to me why most vendors … Continue reading