Adventures In Wedding Planning : The Nightmare

I finally got to see Clyde after over a week yesterday. Dude, that was just way too much time away from my man. I don’t like it. 😦 He knows it too because he told his boss that he has to come visit me otherwise I’ll feel neglected and not talk to him for a week. HAA HAA HAA! Is he smart or what?! I love him.

I guess planning a wedding has gotten to me more than I thought because I had a crazy nightmare last night! I hope nothing like it really happens on my wedding day.

In my dream, I was at my last dress fitting. My dress was BEAUTIFUL but then the seamstress was saying something about last minute details she was working on. I was like “Sure” and stepped away to…shower. I have no idea why there was a shower in the dressing room. OH WAIT! I REMEMBER!! It was the DAY OF MY WEDDING and the seamstress was there to make sure everything fit just right.

So I step out of the shower and get my first eyeful of her last minute “details”. THE B**** SEWED A DROOPY RED ROSE OVER WHERE MY BOOBS ARE AND THEN THIS WEIRD BLUE FLORAL PATTERN AROUND MY HIPS AND CROTCH! WTF!!!!

I was pissed and there wasn’t enough time to fix it. I was about to cry. And then I couldn’t find the “something blue” earrings I had custom made nor could I could find my awesome shoes.

To top it all off, I forgot my vows. Right before I woke up, I remember thinking “Okay….how bad would it be if I walked out in a white corset with a cray tulle skirt sewn into it?”

This was what I was thinking I’d have to get married in.
* shudder *

Oh God…or like this.

Unless you’re Stephanie Seymore or you’ve got serious balls,
this look isn’t for everyone.

Luckily, it was just a dream. * big sigh of relief *

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