Adventures In Wedding Planning : Something Blue

I have a head full of useless trivia. My sister tells me I should go on Jeopardy because I either know most of those answers or my freak memory will allow me to remember them if I study for a few hours. An example of the weird things I’ve always known but never really thought about until now because I’m getting married is the following poem :

Something old, something new

Something borrowed, something blue

And a silver sixpence in her shoe.

I don’t need any explanation for the first verse. I could figure that one out for myself. I needed help with the 2nd and last verse so I turned to my best friend, Google, and thanks to this article, I now know the meaning behind this strange saying.

I don’t know what I’m gonna borrow yet but I know who I’m going to borrow it from. My maternal grandmother and my paternal grandmother. My maternal grandmother enjoyed a long marriage to my grandfather. Granted, they didn’t have much and were never considered rich by any material sense of the word but he made sure they had everything they needed and she made sure they had a good home. This is what I what I admire about them and what I would like for myself and Clyde.

My paternal grandmother left me a few years ago but she was a strong woman who wasn’t afraid of anything. I admire her strength and her love for her children. She continues to visit me in my dreams and I’d like to borrow something from her so that she could be a part of my wedding day.

But this isn’t the Something Blue I had in mind.
Due to what it symbolizes, I don’t want to be stomping it into the ground all day as I walk around, you know?

From the same article, Something Blue represents “The color blue has been connected to weddings for centuries as a symbol of love, modesty, fidelity, good luck, purity and loyalty.” Hell yeah!! I want all of that!

Therefore, I’m not wearing a blue garter.

Why the hell would I want Clyde to crawl up my dress IN FRONT OF ALL OUR FAMILY and toss something of mine that symbolizes all this fantastic stuff away to a bunch of drunken single boys? Nope. Not happening. While I won’t tell you exactly what the “something blue” is that I have in mind, rest assured we’ll BOTH be wearing it.


Any and all ideas for the garter belt will be considered.

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