Adventures In Wedding Planning : Over It

So yesterday was probably one of the worst days I’ve ever had being engaged. This is thanks to a venue telling me I don’t have enough money to get married and that I can’t afford a wedding.

Instead of further venting, I decided to let it go. I already reviewed them on Yelp based upon my experience with them and rather than keep focusing on a pair of people who have no tact when it came to me and my situation / gave no hint of the spectacular customer service they pride themselves on, I am going to simply say :

You don’t deserve my tears. You don’t deserve our business. You don’t deserve to be a part of our special day. You couldn’t PAY me to have my wedding there because you’ve shown me just what kind of service I can expect from you. I’m not going to let you ruin any more precious moments of my engagement because I prefer to be happily, blissfully stressed the f*** out and not miserable, sad and dejected over your words to me. I’m also not going to let you be the reason why Clyde and my little sister have to hear me cry and wipe away any tears from my cheeks.

Oh, yeah. Here’s the cherry on my sundae. I’m still getting emails from awesome hotels requesting me to follow up with their offers because they’re more than happy to work with my budget. They value me as a potential client, want to be a part of our wedding and only want us to be happy on our spectacular day.

Yes, that’s right. Other venues, AWARD WINNING VENUES might I add, are eagerly following up leads to entice us to have our wedding at their facility. They have 4 Diamonds awarded to them by AAA, by the way.

Take that and like it.

One last thing. I still never got the package the manager said he’d email me. Whatever. I’m so over them.

Brides, what’s the lesson here? Don’t ever let a venue tell you crap like “You can’t afford a wedding on your budget” even if that’s true. There’s a classy way to do it and true professionals know how to handle it. Instead of saying “You don’t have enough money to afford a wedding”, they’ll say “Let’s see what we can do” and give you a wedding package with their pricing info.

Here’s the kicker. They know you can’t afford it if you’ve told them your budget and your head count BUT THEY’LL NEVER TELL YOU TO YOUR FACE!!! That’s what makes them classy professionals. They know you’ll see the huge disparity between the sale they need to make and the amount of money you can fork over.

They know you’ll figure out the obvious and simply won’t contact them further thus allowing you to retain your dignity. You are able to continue searching for an awesome venue that DOES fit into your budget with your head held high and your pride unbruised.

How do I know? Because I’ve experienced it and I never felt a blow to my dignity or my pride. I simply thought “HOLY F****** S***, THEY WANT ME TO PAY HOW MUCH??!!” and deleted their email. End of story.

Most venues, however, will work with you, talk with you and come up with a customized package based upon what you can afford and how much money they need to bring in. I can’t say this is true of all venues but most of the ones I spoke with/visited/emailed have offered me this courtesy.

And that’s the way it should go. Therefore, this whole unsavory and distasteful experience will now be treated like a horrific meal I was forced to eat.

Input received, processed and deleted. * flush *

4 Responses to “Adventures In Wedding Planning : Over It”
  1. Aw sorry you had such a bad experience! Don’t let one sour grape get you down. Wedding planning is fun! Once in a lifetime…so enjoy every minute! Forget those fools =) you’ll find a better place!

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