Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Twisted

Now that we’ve figured out our budget, the biggest thing Clyde and I have to tackle is the venue and date. We saw a couple and I’ve talked to a bunch of different places. There’s a definite front runner and I’m hoping I can talk him into committing to it by the end of the week. Cross your fingers for me!

If we can nail this place, then I can finally breathe a final sigh of relief because I really think this is the hardest part so far in the wedding planning. I can’t really focus on other aspects of the wedding if I don’t even know where I’m getting married, you know? I feel like once I *know* where I’m walking down the aisle, the rest of the details will either fall into place or I can at least figure out how they factor into the over-all scheme.

One of the things I’m concerned about is where I can cut corners in terms of cost. I think I have the wedding dress part figured out…but I can’t say for sure until I actually test my theory and get the dress, you know?

The flowers are another part of the picture where I’m going to spend as little as possible. Let’s be honest. Do YOU remember the flowers in all the weddings you’ve been to? I can’t. That’s why I don’t want to blow wads of cash on this part. More on this in another post.

Right now, I’m focusing on dessert….probably because it’s dinner time and I’m smelling the soup I have simmering on the stove.

So it’s traditional to have a cake, right? I looked up how much they cost and I almost choked on my coffee. Holy crap, there’s something wrong when my wedding cake might cost more than my wedding dress. Don’t get me wrong. The cakes are gorgeous….but, honestly, how much cake can people eat?

I decided it’s probably a good idea to have a small 1-tier cake just so Clyde and I can keep with tradition and cut something. I don’t think that would be too pricey. But what about our guests? I don’t think a small cake can feed many people. So I thought of the following options :

Sneaky Sneaky

I considered having a bunch of sheet cake in the back. Yes, it’s cheaper than getting a humongous cake that will most likely go to waste. I think that’s the part I have the hardest part swallowing…the fact that we’re paying this much money for something most people won’t eat.

Sheet cake is a more cost effective option but I’m not entirely sold on it. Next.

Tower Of Fun

How GORGEOUS is this??!!
Image courtesy of Pink Cake Box

I personally don’t get the craze behind cupcakes. They’re cakes….just mini-sized.

But here’s where they factor into my plan. They’re small, individual sized and they’re usually cheaper per piece than slice per person for a traditional wedding cake. Big emphasis on “usually”.

There’s also the option of getting a bunch of different flavors to try so it’s not the same boring slice of cake. I was playing around with the idea of having different flavors on different tables so it encourages our guests to mix and mingle. Wouldn’t it be friggin’ AWESOME if some of our single friends met, dated and got married because they met over the cupcakes at our wedding?!

Another plus is that those who want seconds (or thirds) can easily help themselves without a lot of mess.

Con? There might not be seconds to go around…but wait, why is this a con? Yeah, I don’t know either.

Super Secret Weapon

Thanks to my girlfriend over at Downtown Diaries, I learned about….* insert drum roll, please!!! *


Cost efficient, TASTY, trendy, lots of flavors AND COLORFUL!!

These might be what graces our wedding cake display. We’ll see. I still have to run it by Clyde. 😀

But first things first….wish me luck for the wedding venue!

2 Responses to “Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Twisted”
  1. Miss Bonnified, I love all things sweet so the cake was a huge deal for me but I know what you mean. Usually by the time the cake is cut I guarantee 90% of the Korean guests will be gone. LOL. that’s how they roll! ^^ Cupcakes are a great alternative..check out Dots Cupcakes in Pasadena. Ask for Hyo…tell her G&K sent you.

    I have a great florist, too! She’ll work with any budget and is known to make the flowers look really full. She can’t necessarily do anything ultra contemporary unless you show her a specific example but otherwise you get a lot more than you pay for. Check out Larchmont Florist (on Larchmont, in Hancock Park). Good luck!!!!

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