Neighborly Consideration

I have never been so annoyed before in my life. I like kids. I don’t like it when people let their kids run amok, scream, fall down off their bikes and cry and I have to hear it go on and on and on for hours straight. Rein in and control your genetic byproducts. So … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Geeky Goodness

After my epic Wedding Invitation Debacle induced freakout, I have decided the best thing to do is to tackle the guest list. But how? I briefly flirted with the idea of making a handwritten list but let’s face it. I’d probably lose/misplace the list and/or I’d be hounding Clyde because I might not be able … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: I Need Champagne

I am about to lose my mind. It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m stressing out over wedding invitations. I’m warning you. This post is not going to be pretty because I’ve done lost my mind. — NO ONE TOLD ME THESE THINGS WERE SO COMPLICATED!!! Why?! Why is it so hard to friggin’ get invitations so … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: You Just Know

Picking your wedding gown is a lot like picking your man. You try on a bunch of different styles with people who matter to you the most. You strut your stuff in them while checking out your reflection and thinking to yourself “Can I see myself with this in photos that will last forever?”. You … Continue reading

Year Of The Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you all ate some mochi and got some red envelopes. Clyde and I gave some to each other because I made him. Haa haa haa! I’m also staring at the tangerines I got WITH THE LEAVES STILL ATTACHED. Those will make for an excellent snack after. Yummy. GONG XI … Continue reading