Year Of The Rabbit

Happy Chinese New Year! I hope you all ate some mochi and got some red envelopes. Clyde and I gave some to each other because I made him. Haa haa haa! I’m also staring at the tangerines I got WITH THE LEAVES STILL ATTACHED. Those will make for an excellent snack after. Yummy.


I am so happy the year of Tiger is over. That was a brutal year! I’m born in the year of the Sheep so hopefully this year will be kinder. However, there are a lot of people born in the Rabbit year in my family, including my hubby-to-be.

In case you don’t know, if the animal in the current year is the same as the animal in the year you were born, this will be an especially trying year for you. Same goes if it’s the animal you’re directly facing. For me, it’s the Ox.

The only ways to negate such bad luck is to have something extremely joyous occur to offset the damage. These things are :

1. Having a baby. (NOT happening!)
2. Getting married. (SOOOOOOO happening!!)

Yay!! But what to do about the other members of my family? I talked to my aunt who learned these traditions from her mother, my beloved Nai Nai who passed away. If I were to forgo eating meat 1 day per person who I loved born in the year of the Rabbit, it is considered a sacrifice I’m undertaking on their behalf.

I decided to make it an even week. My family means a lot to me. Clyde means a lot to me. If I can go for 49 days without eating meat when my grandparents passed away, a week is definitely doable. Tough….but definitely doable.

Super bowl Sunday falls in my 7 day stretch but that’s fine. I’m gonna have cheese pizza (I can have dairy and eggs. WOO HOO!!!), vegetarian buffalo wings and vegetarian BBQ “ribs”.

Clyde is baffled by non-meat wings and ribs. I think they’re tasty. πŸ˜€


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