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Picking your wedding gown is a lot like picking your man. You try on a bunch of different styles with people who matter to you the most. You strut your stuff in them while checking out your reflection and thinking to yourself “Can I see myself with this in photos that will last forever?”.

You pick some because they look pretty at first until you get a REALLY GOOD look at them. Then you toss them into the Hell No pile.

You narrow down your choices to a select few. These are the ones you spend a great deal of time in. You walk around the boutique. You try on different accessories with them and all the shoes in the store. You pile all your hair onto your head, you let your hair fall around your shoulders. You dance, you skip, you sit quietly and all the while you’re thinking “Is this it?”

People who love you and care about you will give you their opinions and why they think they’re right. You take their opinions to heart as you ask yourself the question of the day. “Is this it?”

But if you’re still asking yourself that, then it’s not the one because the second you open your eyes and see yourself in that dress, everything goes quiet. There are no questions being asked. The only thing you hear is the sound of yourself gasping and saying “Yes” because it’s the one for you. “Why”, your loved ones ask you. “Why that one?”

And the only answer you can give is “Because it fits me so well and because it’s ME.”

..:: *~*~* ::..

When I was stricken with the flu, I managed to watch all 5 seasons of “Say Yes To The Dress”. If I lived in New York or had a stupendous wedding budget, I would fly my ass to Kleinfeld and get a Pnina Tornai or Ines Di Santo.

This dress was the reason why I went into the bridal boutique.
No, this is not my dress….but isn’t it GORGEOUS??!!
I love Maggie Sottero.

But I don’t so I didn’t. I did something even better. My little sister and I ran around LA and bought my dress. Rather, SHE bought my dress. I cried. She cried. Our consultant cried. She’s been in the business since she was 16 and she’s never once shed a tear. We made her cry because she was so touched. She said she’ll never forget us. That made me so happy.

I had so much fun trying on dresses. Dawn (that’s my AWESOME consultant’s name) was so funny! We were cracking jokes in the dressing room and that’s saying something because you’re literally standing around in your underwear as a lady you just met is busy trying to drown you in a flood of crinoline, lace, silk, tulle and crystals.

I must’ve tried on 15 gowns that morning. I tried on ball gowns, a Cinderella-ish concoction by Maggie Sottero, mermaids and trumpets….but then I found it.

I was wandering through the aisles and had passed it over a few times. Picking out that dress was almost like an after thought because I felt like I was running out of options in that store. I wasn’t expecting to find THE DRESS that day because it was my first time in a bridal boutique trying on dresses. It was the first boutique I ever stepped foot in….and it proved to be the last.

If you’ve ever watched “Say Yes To The Dress”, you can appreciate what I’m about to say. When I tried that dress on, I just KNEW. I know it sounds so stupidly cliche but there’s not other way to explain it.

I. Just. Knew.

I gasped when I saw my reflection. I felt like a bride. That was the moment when this whole “I’m getting married” thing hit me in the gut and suddenly became very very real.

It was also the only time Dawn and I weren’t cracking jokes. We both got kind of quiet because she knew as well as I did. Ladies, this is why a good consultant is so important. Within minutes, they will know what kind of bride you are. They will find gowns they know fits your sense of style and what will flatter you most.

Dawn didn’t bother putting me in ball gowns after the first 2 I tried on. When I asked to try the rest of them on (they were more affordable), she put me in them and didn’t tell me what she thought until I asked. When she did give me her opinion, she said “They’re lovely gowns. You look pretty in them. ….but, Bonnie, they’re not you. These gowns are made for a different kind of girl. You’re modern, you’re slinky, you’re sexy. These gowns….uh….well, they don’t say that and that’s why I don’t think they’re for you.”

…yeah….so I didn’t try on the rest of the ball gowns I had pulled because she’s right. They’re not me. And that’s how I ended up with my gorgeous gown.

The dress is by James Clifford which I think is hilariously funny. If you know Clyde, then you can all understand why the irony did not escape me. Both Clyde and my wedding gown came into my life utterly unexpected but now I can’t live without.

Life works in awesomely mysterious ways.

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