Adventures In Wedding Planning :: I Need Champagne

I am about to lose my mind. It’s Valentine’s Day and I’m stressing out over wedding invitations. I’m warning you. This post is not going to be pretty because I’ve done lost my mind.


Why?! Why is it so hard to friggin’ get invitations so people know where to go to see my ass get married to Clyde?!

I am giving serious consideration to sending a huge Evite to people.

* ROAR *

[ a bunch of stuff I deleted ]

* sigh *

Good thing I have Clyde. He just witnessed my epic freak out and was very calm. We figured something out and now I’m much happier. Crisis averted.

So it’s Valentine’s Day. I didn’t know this but Clyde got me flowers. He’s muttering something about how they better deliver the flowers before 7pm. This is after we said we weren’t going to get each other anything.

We’re also going to Super Secret Restaurant for dinner. This is after I said I’d be happy having lobster at home.

I only got him a card. 😦

Tell me my man doesn’t rock. ^____^

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