Neighborly Consideration

I have never been so annoyed before in my life. I like kids. I don’t like it when people let their kids run amok, scream, fall down off their bikes and cry and I have to hear it go on and on and on for hours straight. Rein in and control your genetic byproducts.

So it’s Sunday afternoon and there’s suddenly a small army of ankle biters who have taken command of the common courtyard right outside my living room. That’s fine except for a few things. These kids are yelling, ringing that fucking bell on their bikes and banging on xylophones.

What. The. Fuck. Why is there no one out here supervising these kids? And why do their parents think it’s okay to unleash them in a COMMON AREA? I don’t want to listen to your fucking kids.

Oh wait. I know where their parents are. They’re all in someone’s apartment and they’re SINGING! I can’t tell if they’re doing karaoke or whatever but all I know is that there’s a bunch of grown ass adults in a living room a few doors down from mine who are LAUGHING IT UP and fucking SINGING UP A STORM while their next generation is busy falling down off their bikes in front of me.

I now have 3 options.

1. I can scare the living shit out of these kids by going outside and terrorizing them. This option has immediately been ruled out because I like kids. They’re just being kids and kids play. That’s what they do. It’s not their fault they were told it’s okay to mighty morph into unholy little terrors by their parents.

2. I can hunt down the source of the disturbance and deal with them myself. I thought about this but also ruled it out. I should be diplomatic and go with option 3.

3. I call the manager. And that’s exactly what I’m doing. I am also going to make little videos while pointing my camera at the sky to capture how loud these people are.

*** edit ***

I just told Clyde why I am so fucking annoyed and that I think there’s drunken karaoke going on while the parents are neglecting to properly supervise their offspring. He then educates me by telling me this is NOT drunken Karaoke but instead, some kind of Christian Sunday after church meeting thing.

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