Here I Come To Save The Day!!!

Clyde doesn’t feel good. 😦 Poor thing…. Lucky for him, I happen to be a Registered Nerd! I dusted off my nursing skills and promptly went to work. He got himself into bed and I went out to forage for meds and food. In the end, I brought home some Healthy Choices chicken noodle soup, … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : Meet Me At The Alter

In many ways, I’m pretty traditional. I love it when Clyde opens the door for me (we’ve been together for over a year and he STILL does this. Makes my heart sing every single time), when he carries packages for me (gives me an excuse to watch his muscles flex. Ahahaha) and other stuff. I … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning : Rain Rain, Go Away!

We were supposed to take our engagement photos today. Sadly, the weather didn’t get the memo and decided to rain instead. Oh well….we need the rain so I can’t be that sad. Not exactly the look we were going for, you know? What saved the day for me is a convo my girlfriends and I … Continue reading

Spread A Little Love :: Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Relief Efforts

You know, the Universe has a really weird way of keeping me in check and reminding me that there are things bigger than me out there in the world. Case in point, the earthquake in Japan. What amazes and humbles me is how the people there are dealing with this tragedy. No one is looting … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Photo Session Time

We’re taking our engagement photos soon. This makes me nervous because I’m not exactly what you would call “a natural” in front of the camera. I’m pretty much a dork. Strangely, it was this trait that led me to get a gig for a TV show almost 10 years ago. The show never took off … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Roses Are Red

I can honestly say I’ve never invested so much thought into flowers since….wow….senior year in high school. I thought long and hard about the flowers for Senior Prom and ultimately decided upon a simple bouquet of calla lillies. That’s it. The most attention I’ve given to flowers since then was when I admired the flowers … Continue reading

Culture Clash

A post I had written a while ago has recently received an interesting amount of attention. I understand a person having pride in their culture. I think a healthy amount of that is never a bad thing. The only time this sense of cultural pride takes on a negative undertone is when people don’t think … Continue reading

Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Boys Boys Boys

I am so cracked out on coffee. This means it’s the best time to update with how wedding planning is going. I have no idea why this makes sense to me right now. It just does. Okay! On with the show! So Clyde keeps telling me about how all his guy friends are so excited … Continue reading