Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Boys Boys Boys

I am so cracked out on coffee. This means it’s the best time to update with how wedding planning is going. I have no idea why this makes sense to me right now. It just does.

Okay! On with the show!

So Clyde keeps telling me about how all his guy friends are so excited he’s getting married but not because they’re invited to the wedding. Oh no no no no, friends. They’re excited because of the impending debauchery known as CLYDE’S BACHELOR PARTY. In fact, all questions regarding the wedding is centered around this quintessential Boy’s Night Out.

Yeah….I’m hoping this won’t happen when he’s in Vegas. That would suck.
Here’s to hoping all the fellas come back with all their teeth. 😀

You see, a lot his friends are married. Most of them are married with kids. I have no concept of what this means since most of my friends aren’t married nor are they with child(ren). Apparently, being married means bachelor parties are out of the question but for some reason, most of the wives will make the exception for Clyde because he is a good friend.

So. Now that Clyde’s popped the question and we’re set to walk down that aisle and say “I do”=> he’s having a bachelor party => his friends get to go because it’s his bachelor party => many excited boys.

I think I should win some kind of award or something because if HE hadn’t asked ME to marry HIM, then none of them would get to come out and play.

That makes me WOMAN OF THE YEAR and full of win!

Here are my thoughts regarding the whole Bachelor Party thing.

Follow The Rules Of Kindergarten

I have no problems with Clyde having a bachelor party. I also have no problems if he goes to bachelor parties in the future. That’s because I trust him to follow the rules he learned in kindergarten.

1. Keep your hands to yourself.
2. Don’t stick your tongue out.
3. If have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.
4. Keep your zippers zipped and your pants on.

Ta da!! If a man can’t follow these extremely simple instructions…..ladies, why would you even bother with them?

Forbidden Fruit

I can’t speak for everybody but I’m the kind of person where I will do the exact opposite of what you want because I hate being told what to do. This reversal doesn’t always work so don’t think you can tell me “Don’t wash the dishes” and expect me to be like “Oh yeeah?! I’ll show you!!!! Let me at those dirty dishes!!!”

Hell no. I’d kick back and say “Okay” instead.

Anyway, I just figure the more I forbid someone to do something, the chances of them wanting to do it simply because they’ve been told they CAN’T are pretty high.

I want him to have a good time. I want his friends to have a good time.

I also know my bachelorette party will be stupendous. I just hope no one gets arrested, has to go the ER, has to have their stomach pumped for alcohol poisoning (or any other kinds of poisoning) and makes it back home alive, sound and in one piece.

Not to much to ask for, right?

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