Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Roses Are Red

I can honestly say I’ve never invested so much thought into flowers since….wow….senior year in high school. I thought long and hard about the flowers for Senior Prom and ultimately decided upon a simple bouquet of calla lillies.

That’s it. The most attention I’ve given to flowers since then was when I admired the flowers Clyde would surprise me with every Valentine’s Day so far.

Everything has changed since Clyde and I became engaged. I’m now researching flowers like crazy and all the different ways you need to use them in a wedding. Prior to starting this whole wedding planning process, I thought you only needed flowers for the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids’ bouquet, groom and groomsmen stuff, flower girl petals, family corsages and…..that’s it.

Nope. There’s a lot more I didn’t know!! I learned about a toss bouquet (this is the one you chuck at all the single ladies you herd together in the center of the dance floor), pew decorations, floral crowns for the flower girls, flowers for the head table/sweet heart table, centerpieces for tables, flowers for the cake display / guestbook table / place card table / gift table / dessert station, flowers to spruce up the bathrooms in case they’re….not pretty, flowers for the runner that goes between the pews when you’re walking towards the alter….

* sigh *


How cute is this? 🙂

So here’s what I have so far –

Bride (that’s me!!) – peonies, ranunculus

Bridesmaids – I’m currently still researching

Groom (that’s Clyde!! Yay!) – something that won’t emasculate him. This means ribbons, feathers and all things pink are out. ^_^

Groomsmen – I’m thinking ivory blossoms accented with little red berries. I really like ranunculus because they look so round and fat. Totally cute! They will also not feature any feathers, ribbons or anything pink. 😀

Flower girl(s) – mini pomander balls of carnations. They are going to be soooo cute!!!!

Ringer bearer – a tiny carnation to match the flower girl(s). He’s going to be adorable. I can’t wait to see him!

Parents and family members – 2 roses with berries and ribbons. I’d like these to be larger to differentiate our family.

Ushers / Readers / Greeters / Guest Book / Gift Table people of awesomeness – orchids?

…that’s all I have so far. Time to research more kinds of flowers!

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