Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Photo Session Time

We’re taking our engagement photos soon. This makes me nervous because I’m not exactly what you would call “a natural” in front of the camera. I’m pretty much a dork. Strangely, it was this trait that led me to get a gig for a TV show almost 10 years ago. The show never took off but the fact that I got it was pretty amazing. I thought I sounded like a weirdo and looked way too fidgety. Oh well. Whatevs.

But that’s my point. I am super anxious when I know there’s a camera pointed at me. Good thing Clara is a pro and knows how to make even pumpkins look gorgeous.

I love her makeup. Adriana is beyond gorgeous.

I figured if I get an idea of what engagement photos are SUPPOSED to look like, then I’ll be less stressed out. This is the nerd in me talking. I like to do my homework. Here are some shots that I liked a lot :

Yes, we’re going to wear the obligatory white shirt and blue jeans.
I figured I might as well be traditional for at least one part of this experience.
My shoes are going to be SO MUCH HOTTER than hers.
They are going to be strappy, high and BLINGED out.

I love the reflection in the glass thing going on.
Super cute and romantic. 🙂

Everything about this photo series is WIN!
Good thing I still have the box my ring came in. 😀

I think this will be one of the outfits I wear during engagement photo day.
Isn’t it GORGEOUS?! I love BCBG.

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