Here I Come To Save The Day!!!

Clyde doesn’t feel good. 😦

Poor thing…. Lucky for him, I happen to be a Registered Nerd! I dusted off my nursing skills and promptly went to work. He got himself into bed and I went out to forage for meds and food. In the end, I brought home some Healthy Choices chicken noodle soup, chicken soup with rice, TUMS and Pepto-Bismol. To this day, I have no idea why that stuff has to be neon flamingo pink. Whatever. As long as it works.

I dosed him up and he knocked right back out. Now I’m bored. So what’s a girl to do? I have no idea either. That’s when I started to think about Amelia Bedelia. Any of you guys remember her? I loved her as a child learning to read (she made it so fun!) and I love her now. She takes everything literally (so do I) and has a heart of gold. The best part about her was her awesome skills in the kitchen!!

I love her!!! She’s so funny!!
I love children’s books.

I’ll never forget the time when she was supposed to make a date cake. She cut up a calendar for its dates (haa haa haa!!!) and baked the slivers of paper into the cake mix! Oh, Amelia….you crack me up. ^___^

Somehow, the memory of my childhood baker / maid made me want to bake! We have a bunch of ripe bananas at home so you know what that means!! BANANA BREAD!!! Sadly, I have no nuts but that’s okay. I figure I should start off easy, you know?

With the help of Amelia Bedelia in my head and some awesome vocal trance, I’m gonna bake some yummy goodness. Hopefully the delicious smells will make Clyde feel better and want to eat something.

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