Adventures In Wedding Planning :: The Hunt For The Other Dress

I watched “27 Dresses” just so I could see all the ugly bridesmaid dresses.
I considered this part of my research process.

Someone please explain to me why the greater majority of the bridesmaid dresses are so ugly. Why the *bleep* would you ask the women of your family / closest friends to wear such horrible looking dresses? And why do they charge so much for what basically amounts to Cocktail Dress Fail? Anyone remember that one episode in Project Runway in which the designers had to redo an epically bad bridesmaid dress? Yeah….I don’t want to be that bride who did that to her friends / family.

From The Gloss.
What. The. Herru. Is. That.
And why is she smiling?! I would’ve been crying or at least throwing a fit if I was her.
Good thing I’m not her, huh?
Hit the link for the funniest slideshow of Ugly Bridesmaid dresses.
I laughed so hard, I almost snorted my wine.
That would’ve sucked.

I got my dress and now I’m trying to pick out my bridesmaids’ dresses. I’m in favor of black. I think it looks chic. Clyde initially vetoed it on the grounds that it looks too depressing.

That prompted me to troll the web as I scoured site after horrifically designed site of affordable bridesmaid dresses. I felt like cueing the theme song to “Mission Impossible” because I started to despair. It seemed like I would never find a bridesmaid dress I could see myself asking my friends and family to buy for the wedding.

Here’s the problem I faced. I originally wanted the girls to wear a deep, charcoal grey but that color apparently does not exist in Bridesmaid Dress palette. Charcoal grey is occasionally an option. Slate rears its lovely head once in a great while. The deep, rich grey I love (think Petrossian caviar grey. GOD, what a lovely color!!!) is nowhere to be found. Morning Sickness Lime Green, however, made the cut. Wtf….why would you ever FORCE someone into wearing lime green? I would but that’s only if I didn’t like you and want you to be forever memorialized in photos in such a hideous color.

Luckily for me, either Clyde :

A. Got tired of me moping around the house because I couldn’t find a pretty bridesmaid dress
B. Gave up


The dress is friggin’ AWESOME! I’m kind of hoping someone buys me that dress too because I would totally wear it. I’d need an occasion to wear it so I’d probably see if I could weasel Clyde into taking me out to a nice dinner. Ahahaha!!!

Yes. That’s right. I like a bridesmaid dress so much, I’d wear it out in public. The best part? Talking the price down from $195 to $145. I’m gonna try and bargain her down to $140.

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