Adventures In Wedding Planning :: How To Plan With Less Stress

A lot of people have been asking me how wedding planning is going. A couple of you freaked out because I haven’t posted anything about it for a while and started assuming the worst. Don’t worry! I’m still planning and, yes, the wedding is still on.

Saw Scotty McCreery sing this on Americal Idol yesterday.
I then realized the denizens in hell are having a field day with all the snow that’s fallen.
I like country music. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??!!!
Anyway, I love this song. I especially love the lyrics.

People always look rather surprised when they ask me how wedding planning is going and I tell them “Great! It’s easier than I expected!” I’m not sure if it’s because all the people who got married before me told me what a nightmare it was for them and so I started imagining the worst possible scenarios or if it’s because I got super lucky somehow.

Whatever and whichever way you slice it, it’s not as bad as I had expected. I’ll tell you what the hardest part was for me. Hands down, it was trying to find a venue! Holy f**king s**t, I nearly mighty morphed into Mothra during those days. I was insulted by a POS venue in Temecula, I nearly cried in Little Tokyo and pretty much looked at anything that would host a ceremony/reception on a tight budget in Santa Barbara, Ojai, Temecula, Los Angeles, Orange County and Palm Springs.

Here’s a tip – don’t be afraid to look outside your comfort zone. Be open to travel. I wanted a destination wedding. I thought that would’ve been AWESOME! Clyde vetoed it. Oh wells.

Here’s another tip. Prime wedding season happens during the summer. If you avoid those months like the plague, you tend to have more leeway with negotiating services with vendors. This isn’t always the case but it was for us.

::Image courtesy of weddingbycolor dot com::
Bridezilla is not a good look for anyone.
Pointy teeth is not sexy.

So why do I think wedding planning is nowhere near as bad as what I had imagined? I got lucky with my vendors. A lot of them are people who have been recommended to me (you can be sure I’ll be passing their information to anyone who asks me!) or are people I know. I happen to have a lot of wonderfully talented friends who are a part of our wedding day and I couldn’t be happier.

That takes a huge stress off of my shoulders. I know my friends. I know they have my back and I know how talented they are. I know I’m in good hands.

But here’s my ultimate secret. It was actually something Clyde and I had talked about before. Our wise friend, Hyung, also reminded me of this awesome fact.

A wedding is just one day. Granted, it’s one day of awesomeness and one that I will never forget but it’s still just one day. A marriage is, hopefully, forever. I’d much rather put more effort, energy and time into maintaining that.

Once I realized what my priorities are, I just relaxed. I realized my day wouldn’t be ruined if I didn’t have the exact brand of ribbon I wanted. Honestly, who would even notice? If I was a guest, I wouldn’t. Hell, I don’t remember half the details in the all the weddings I’ve been to. I just remembered how lovely my friends look and how much fun I had.

I’ll be going into the invitations next time.

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