Adventures In Wedding Planning :: Tales Of The Budget Bride

This week, I got to catch up with a girlfriend who I haven’t seen in quite some time. She just got engaged so it was AWESOME getting to catch up with her and have a sister I’m-Getting-Married friend to chat with. When I say “chat with”, what I really meant to say was “go crazy talking about wedding stuff and not feeling weird for hijacking all conversations I engage in by turning it into talk about wedding stuff.”

God, I’ve become “that engaged girl”. I’ve finally fully developed Wedding Fever.

I really try not to only talk about the wedding when people ask me (which, luckily for me, happens to be almost any time I run into people at work or outside of work) because I like to think that I know it’s not always all about me.

I don’t consider myself a wedding expert. I also don’t consider myself a budget wedding expert….but I have learned a few things here and there.

After I had congratulated EngagedGirl, she immediately shared that she had no idea what to do next. Wow! I get to drop some of my knowledge on her! Sweet!!!!

Image from
How cute!! If these were piggy banks, I’D TOTALLY BUY THEM!!!!

In the next 3+ hours, I told her everything I know about :

  • Wedding planning (hire a good wedding coordinator because she will be your best friend)
  • How to maximize your money when buying The Dress
  • Timelines for doing things
  • The importance of finding a good florist
  • The importance of finding good vendors. Period.
  • Finding a good venue (there are no short cuts to this. It’s a lot of work, mayng)
  • Photographer vs. Videographer
  • How to maximize your budget for your wedding cake
  • How to maximize your budget for wedding invitations
  • How to maximize your budget for food
  • How to set your budget (THE most important part next to saying “YES!!!! YES, I WILL MARRY YOU!!!!” and “Will you be my MOH/bridesmaid/Best Man/groomsmen?”)

I won’t say I have all the answers but I will say that I’ve learned a few things. EngagedGirl is like me in the sense that we do not want to spend the equivalent of a down payment on a house just on our wedding dress. We do not want to spend the equivalent of a modest home somewhere just on one night’s festivities.

I won’t speak for her but I do not see why I can’t have a spectacular wedding with the man I love without breaking the bank OR taking a loan out from the bank (be it Bank Of Mom And Dad, United Lending Of Auntie Awesome and/or Bank of America).

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

All the topics I outlined here and talked to her about will be posted here at some point. I realize there are a lot of brides out there who are working on a budget, just like me, and I’m more than happy to share what I know. Every girl deserves her special day without a crappy venue manager making her cry or owner of crappy venue making her boiling mad and I intend on helping as many girls as I can with what I know.

My wedding coordinator, Katie Lee, thinks I could go into business as a budget wedding coordinator. Um…I don’t know if I’m calm enough for that and I’d hate to lose my cool at one of my brides, you know? I don’t think I have the patience to do what she does so I’ll just share what I know on here.

I think that’s best for everyone. 😀

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