GloTherapeutics For Oily Skin

Wow, it’s been a while since I last posted but that’s because things have been a bit crazy over here. I just realized a few things :

  • I gotta get measured for my qi pao in like….2 weeks.
  • This means it’s time to start the Wedding Diet for reals and not half assing it like I’ve been doing.
  • Crunch time is about to begin in terms of wedding planning.
  • Holy sh*t, I’m gettin’ married.

When I stress out, I tend to break out. Not sexy.

I also have oily skin. Like, really oily. It’s sad. My only comfort is in knowing that I won’t have major problems with wrinkles as I get older. I’m also hoping I’ll have less bouts of big ass pimples too.

image courtesy of

In preparation for the Big Day, I’m going to be reviewing a bunch of a products. First up, glotherapeutics. Here’s what I think.

GloTherapeutics gloClear Acne Cleanser

Active ingredient = 2% salicylic acid.

I really like this cleanser. I like it a lot. I love the little beads because, call me crazy, but I feel like they’re really doing their job and opening up my pores so that the cleansers and the salicylic acid can get down in there to clean house.

I hate it when a cleanser makes my skin feel tight and look super shiny because it got so dried out. I was half expecting that to happen with the gloClear Acne Cleanser but it didn’t. My skin, amazingly, stayed supple and didn’t feel like it was about to crack in a million places when I smiled.

After drying my face, my skin felt clean and, thanks to the little beads, smooth. It also didn’t feel like it was sucked dry.

glotherapeutics gloPurifying Tonic

image courtesy of

I love tonics. I love them because I like seeing all the residual stuff that didn’t get washed away on the cotton pad. I don’t know why I like seeing that.

This tonic is GREAT for my oily skin. According to the description, it’s pretty much good for everyone except those who have dry skin.

After using this, my skin felt calmed down, soothed, refreshed and extra clean. It also felt like it was ready for the serums I was about to treat it to.

Both these products can be used together both day and night.

In the next post about beauty products stuff, I will be giving away a gloSpa gift set! More details on that next time.

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