September 11….Never Forget

10 years ago, I watched the Twin Towers fall on my tv. I was huddled in my bed with all the blankets drawn up around me. It didn’t matter that the day grew to be warm because I felt chilled in my core.

I walked past Ground Zero a few years later when I visited New York City. I read every single name and cried as I stood there. I cry every time I see the footage from that day and whenever I hear the words “Nine Eleven….Never Forget”.

I don’t personally know of anyone who passed away that day, civilian or hero. I don’t have any members of the NYPD, NYFD or any firefighter or police officer in my family.

What I am, however, is a proud Registered Nurse. My sister is also a Registered Nurse. My little brother is a certified EMT and a proud US Navy sailor.

I’m also a proud American.

And the home of the brave.

Imagine my outrage when I read this after staring in disbelief on a status update by a friend on Facebook.

Did I read this right? First responders are not being invited to the ceremony at Ground Zero?

What the fuck??!!

I don’t care if you have a separate ceremony for them elsewhere and at another time. By not having those who survived their fallen brothers and sister stand in their memory and honor is the HUGEST FUCKING SLAP IN THEIR FACES that I can ever imagine.

The families of the victims should definitely be there. President Obama, former President George W. Bush and former Mayor Rudy Guiliani should also be there. And so should the first responders, NYPD and NYFD!

I understand this is probably a logistical nightmare for whomever is planning this event. I’m planning a wedding and that is turning out to be quite the headache so I do NOT envy that person their job.

But make room for those who paid the ultimate price in trying to save the victims.

Make room for those who stand today and wear the same uniforms as those who have fallen.

Make room for those who are here today but who have not forgotten those who gave their life in serving their city and saving lives.

Honor them too by including them in the same ceremony as they stand for those who cannot stand there today as we say as a nation that we will never forget.

Don’t just push them off to the side when they’re not needed and give them a separate ceremony. Include both in the same day if you have to but figure out a way to make it work so that all may be honored and remembered at Ground Zero on September 11th.

I know!!! Maybe have all the surviving firefighters, NYPD and first responders all walk past Ground Zero while carrying a photo of a fallen hero. I think that’s only right and only fair.

Someone get me through to whomever is organizing this thing. I’ll tell them what to do. ~_^

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