My Chinese New Year Dinner At Home

Happy Chinese / Lunar New Year!!! It’s the year of the Water Dragon / Black Dragon. That means there’s gonna be ton of Asian babies born this year. Stop looking at me that way.

Two years ago, also on Chinese New Year, Clyde met my family for the first time as my new boyfriend. We were only dating for like….a month at this point.

Fast forward to today, we’re now married!! I’ve always celebrated the new year with family so imagine my befuddlement this year when no one called me to tell me about dinner. I thought that was rather weird but chalked it up to everyone being spread out.

So I called my mom and this was the following conversation :

Me : Mommy, why did you not call me to tell me to come over for dinner today?
Mom : Oh! That’s because you’re not allowed to come home.

WHAT??!!! I thought I heard her wrong so I continued to press the issue.

Me : WHAT??!!! WHAT THE HECK?! What do you mean, “I’m now allowed to come home for dinner”? What are you talking about?

Mom : * sigh * Oh. I forgot to tell you. You are a married woman now which means you have “chu jia” and are not part of this family any more. So you can’t come back for two days. We’ll have dinner with your new husband on Tuesday! Okay, gotta go. Making yummy dinner now.

“Chu Jia” more or less translates to “exited the home” because I’m married. So sad…

So that means I have to make dinner at home. I braved the masses at the local Asian market and managed to barely escape the post-church Korean moms who all had the bright idea of going to the market the same time I did.

In case you ever wondered why you see a bunch of oranges and whole fish served up on Chinese New Year, here’s a really handy list from that explains a lot.

On the menu tonight will be :

– Steamed whole red snapper with ginger, scallions and soy sauce
– Rice cake soup with green onions and noodles
– Sauteed chicken with garlic chives
– boiled eggs
– tangerines

Yum yum!

Happy Lunar New Year!! Here’s to a year of good health, wealth, happiness, good luck and prosperty. 🙂

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