Pressed Juicery

I think I’ve found the juice cleanse / detox I’m most open to try. I first heard of this Los Angeles based company through friend Pretty Gossip Girl. We bonded over a night of swapping the low down on favorite beauty products and she told me about Pressed Juicery where she is now also a contributor!! Way to go!!!

Now that I’ve made decisions on how to improve my life, I think I need a kick start on how to start all this. What better way than to have someone else juice for me since I don’t have space for an awesome juicer?

I looked at their site thoroughly and am very impressed. I like how they try to go as organic as possible and use ingredients sourced close by in order to reduce their carbon foot print. That’s pretty cool.

I also like their juices! What took the scariness out of the thought of relying strictly on fluids for days on end again is their well thought out FAQ section. The juices they have available also makes it easier to digest the idea (haa haa haa!! I’m funny).

image from
Wow. These look super pretty.
I totally want to try them.

In particular, I’m looking at the Cleanse 1 kit and the Detox 1 kit.

The reason for all this? I want an added boost to the Tahiti Bikini diet I’m on.

4 Responses to “Pressed Juicery”
  1. I love Pressed Juicery and am so excited for you!~ I do 1 day cleanses all the time and feel so much lighter and ‘cleaner.’ Keep us posted. xo

  2. Nubia Blankumsee says:

    Detox cleansing should be a part of our health routine since we need to flush toxins out of the body.;

    Head to our own web page as well

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