Honeymoon Around The World

No, the entire honeymoon is not going to be spent in Vegas. We’re popping our honeymoon cherry in quite arguably the most romantic place on earth – Tahiti. Feel free to put down your Hatorade at any time.

Picture Clyde and I splashing around in that water.
I can’t wait.

We decided on Tahiti because, honestly, when else are we going to go? There’s not a whole lot to do there so it’s not like we’re gonna pack the rug rats (when we have them) on a 9+ hour long plane ride to do a whole lot of nothing but drink fruity rum concoctions (theirs will be free of the rum, in case you’re wondering) and watch the waves pound the sand.

Yup. This is my idea of Heaven on Earth.

This is fun for us. I can’t imagine this being fun for kids. In case you’re planning on making a trip, Costco Travel actually isn’t a bad way to go. They have a wide range of options, from basic and budget friendly to wildly extravagant, no meals included to breakfast and dinner. We’re not wildly extravagant so we opted for modestly luxurious.

Yes, we’re doing the huts over the water. You can pick up the Hatorade again.

I started thinking about what we’re going to do for the rest of the 2 weeks of our vacation when we come back from our week of lounging on exotic beaches. That’s when it hit me. Why not shake things up with a little bit of Vegas fanfare? So that’s what we’re doing. That’s where the title of this post came from. Where else, but Vegas, can you say you went to Venice (Venetian), Paris (Paris), Rome (Caesar’s Palace), Egypt (Luxor), Asia (Imperial Palace) and back home in the good ol’ U.S. of A (New York New York)?

It’s a new experience to be going to Vegas with my husband. This is because we want to stay as far away from the clubs as possible. We want to do Vegas the way old people do – eat, drink and gamble. It’s this mentality that is setting this upcoming trip with Clyde far apart from my other trips.

Going with girlfriends and/or friends usually meant hitting up a club at some point. I, personally, don’t understand the fascination with clubbing in Vegas. To me, clubbing in ANY city basically gets boiled down to the same 4 principles:

  • 1. Where is the bathroom? I have to pee/poop/throw up/hopefully not more than one of the above at a time.
  • 2. Where are my friends?
  • 3. Where are my keys? *note – I’m referring to room key or house key. I am NOT referring to car keys. *
  • 4. Where’s my room?

The reason why I don’t understand why people go apeshit over Vegas clubs is because you don’t appreciate it after a while. Once your blood alcohol levels hits a certain point (or goes over that magic point of no return), you stop appreciating the decor of the club, music has been reduced to an annoying thumping assaulting my ear drums and you’re too busy trying to find a place to sit your ass down so that you can figure out a way to get the world to stop spinning.

The last thing on my mind would be “Wow!! They really went all out making this place beautiful! I love the way they did the lighting!”

Anyway, I digress.

Clubbing is not an option so I’m busy trying to find the most awesome buffets to go to (I plan on maximizing use of all my buffet pants) and ways of entertaining ourselves. Who knows, maybe going to the buffet will be entertaining in and of itself.

I can’t wait. This is going to be so awesome.

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