iS Clinical Hydra-Cool Serum Review

This week’s posts will be focusing on what I learned from our first ever (but, hopefully, not our last!!) trip to the islands of Tahiti!!! We had so much fun! Adventures come later.

I’ve been using iS Clinical’s products for quite some time now. I brought most of them with me to Tahiti and one product in particular really saved my skin. I mean that literally.

Well, technically, three products. One of the was sunscreen. The other one I will talk about another time.

The product I’m referring to today is iS Clinical’s Hydra-Cool Serum. This stuff is super hydrating but didn’t make me feel like an oil slick. I have oily skin so I am not a fan of creamy or greasy products. This stuff is a serene blue in color and feels like….like a mix between a gel and a serum. It glides on, doesn’t leave a filmy residue after it’s absorbed and it’s super hydrating. My skin took a beating in Tahiti and yet my face never had a problem.

My face was pretty sunburned too and this stuff felt really soothing.

That’s what I love about it.

image from isclinical dot ie

The Tahitian sun is no joke. I fried. Clyde fried. We both looked like crispy, steamed lobsters from our sunburns. I’m still peeling. March is over halfway finished. We came back from Tahiti at the end of February. As I’m writing this, I’m shedding the last shreds of dead, sunburned skin from my arms. I’m still peeling from my back and shoulders. That’s where I took the brunt of the sun from snorkeling.

In case you’re wondering, I applied aloe vera and/or an oil spray every day religiously. I’m still peeling. My face, however, never peeled. That was the only place that I did not put aloe vera or the oil spray.

The only products I put on my face were iS Clinical stuff or sunscreen. Go figure.

$55 will get you 0.5 fluid ounces WITH FREE SHIPPING!!! I know it sounds like a lot but 3-5 drops covers my entire face and below the chin. It spreads really evenly. A bottle of this size usually will last me between 2-3 months. I apply it in the mornings as my daily moisterizer.

$90 will get you 1.0 fluid ounces with free shipping also! I usually get this size. It’s a better deal and I love this stuff.

As always, use coupon code BONNIE10 when checking out to save yourself 10% on your entire order!

Till next time!

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