Magic Smoothie Of Awesomeness

I put in one banana, one mango, a fistful of chopped pineapples, a handful of strawberries, milk and A GIANT TABLESPOON OF COCONUT OIL. This is so tasty.  If you don’t like coconuts, never fear.  It’s not a very pronounced, in-your-face taste.  It’s very subtle and mellow.  The overall effect is a light, tropical flavor. … Continue reading

Coconut Oil = Weight Control + Natural Source Of Energy?

So by now you people should know the following : I gained 15 (FIFTEEN) fucking pounds during my 4 week vacation / honeymoon / pig out session with my new husband. I am barely able to resist pizza, buffalo wings and/or fried chicken. Heaven help me if all three are right in front of my … Continue reading