My First Attempt At Bob Harper’s Green Drink

I love green smoothies. I blame it all on Naked Juice. I’ve tried a lot of their flavors but my all time favorite is their Green Machine.

image source – naked juice dot co dot uk
I love this stuff. Yum yum, gimme some!

Thanks to the extra pounds I packed on during our awesome honeymoon, I’ve been grimly determined to ditch them. I’ve started working my way up to running miles. I’ve started to do some yoga again. I bought a jumprope and I’m not afraid to use it.

While this is all great, I know the biggest change has to come from my diet. From previous posts, you know I’m trying out smoothies and coconut oils. I love those. But I worried about possibly taking in too much sugars in the form of all the fruits. That’s when I saw Bob Harber on the Nate show.

I’ve been meaning to find a way to introduce more green, leafy veggies into my diet and Bob’s recipe for his Green Drink. I figured since my favorite Naked Juice drink is green so this must be tasty too! Nate tried a sip and proclaimed it delicious.

I wasn’t totally convinced but I remained hopeful. I faithfully made the drink like the recipe posted (I even bought dulse flakes and Maca powder) and was super excited to try it. I was a little disturbed by how….flaky my drink looked compared to the smoothly blended green wonder on the show.

Whatever. I shook it off and took my first big gulp.

My initial thoughts :

  • This is nothing like Naked Juice.
  • Nate lied to his audience when he said this wasn’t bad.
  • Why do all the things that are good for you taste so bad?!
  • I wonder how Naked Juice makes their Green Machine so tasty?
  • I can’t believe I have to drink two giant glasses of this.

I have to be honest. It wasn’t tasty but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. After a few mouthfuls, the taste got better. My tastebuds either got used to it or all died off. I’m not sure which.

Since then, I’ve decided to add some more pineapple and swapped out the banana for an orange. This makes the taste more bearable for me. I think the quality of the blender makes a big big deal. Our blender isn’t the top of the line model out there. I think if we had a better one, the ingredients would’ve been better processed and smoother.

The kale and spinach were still in small pieces that I could chew along with the dulse flakes.

Would I drink this again? Definitely yes. I need to detox from all the junk I’ve been eating and it’s always good to eat fresh produce.

Do I enjoy it? ….not exactly….

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