Virgin America, I Think We’re Going To Break Up

East Coast, are you hunkering down for winter Storm Nemo? Odd thought, why would you name one of the craziest storms about to ravage the East Coast after one of the cutest fishies mankind has ever known? Instead of “Finding Nemo”, this weekend is gonna be more “Surviving Nemo”. I gotta meet the people who name the storms and ask them that.

Hang in there, East Coast people!!

I digress. So I was about to go to the East Coast this weekend to see my sister. My baby sister is an officer in the United States military and I am so so proud of her. The plan was for me to go see her, spend time with her, help her pack, get her house in order and all her bills organized.

I’m also the only one in my family who’s able to go see her before she’s deployed. That’s right. She being deployed to serve our country, to fight for and defend all the joys and freedoms Americans enjoy every single day.

Oh, Virgin America. I thought we’d be in a relationship forever.
Now? Not so much. Too bad because you FINALLY fly directly to Vegas.

Enter Virgin America and it’s greed. My friends and family are telling me how JetBlue changed their entire itinerary from JFK->LA->SF->JFK for FREE due to the storm. Now I’m super pissed!!!

What the hell, Virgin America???? I used to think you had the best customer service second only to Hawaiian Air. After my experience tonight trying to figure out my new itinerary due to bad weather, I now think Virgin America has terrible customer service. I’m ranking it right there with Delta, American and United.

The following is a slightly edited version of the letter I sent Virgin America via their “Contact Us” form.

My name is Bonnie. I’ve been a rabid and loyal customer of Virgin America. Virgin America was one of my favorite airlines of all time. However, after my experience today, this is no longer the case.

I was supposed to fly out to JFK and return home close to a week later. I should tell you why I’m going to the East Coast. You see, my baby sister is an officer in the United States military. She is being deployed at the end of the month. I am the only family member who can go see her, spend time with her and help her pack, get ready and offer support before she is deployed to defend our country and all the freedoms we enjoy.

I realize Winter Storm Nemo is no one’s fault and I think it’s great Virgin America offers the option of changing your flight.

This is where things start to fall apart for me. I have to pay a $100 fee to change flights and another $400+ to get a flight out of JFK on another date. Had I been able to come back home later, I would’ve been able to avoid these extra fees.

But I’m NOT able to leave later! I am lucky enough to have this thing called a JOB. I can’t take any more days off of work without leaving my employer in a lurch.

So, you see, I am pretty angry.

Had Virgin America NOT tried to squeeze me for more money on my return flight, I wouldn’t be so upset. It’s Virgin America’s corporate policy of forcing these fees upon customers who have no choice BUT to change our plans due to something we have absolutely no control of (for example, THE WEATHER!!! In some situations, wouldn’t this be considered an act of God?) that is so utterly despicable.

One Response to “Virgin America, I Think We’re Going To Break Up”
  1. Unfortunately, Virgin America is on the verge of going out of business so I guess they’re trying to get revenues wherever they can.

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