Pass It Forward

I was driving home from the doctor’s. I had bought some sashimi for my husband and I to enjoy from an upscale Japanese market. I also bought two sandwiches for myself. One was a tonkatsu sandwich (my fave). The other was a mix combo of tuna sandwiches and ham / cheese sandwich.

There was a lady on the side of the road with a sign. “Please help. Food”.

I remember what it feels like to be hungry. I remember thinking “bills? Or food?” and having to make that terrible decision between the two.

She passed by my car and made eye contact with me. She smiled at me even though I hadn’t rolled down my window.

The light turned green and I was dismayed. I wouldn’t have time to call her over to offer her my sandwich.

Luck is on my side. This particular intersection is not only a major intersection (read – very busy) but the right hand lane barely budges thanks to the large amount of pedestrians crossing the street.

As the light turned red, I watched her hang her head and make her way back down to me. I don’t usually celebrate being stuck in a lane that moves slower than grass can grow but I did today.

I rolled down my window and called out to her.

I asked her if she was hungry. She was.

I handed her my ham / cheese and tuna combo sandwich pack. I didn’t know if she would enjoy tonkatsu.

I wondered why I decided to buy two sandwiches today. I normally just buy one but I was hungry today. I didn’t eat breakfast before heading out to my doctor. I wondered why I didn’t enjoy the combo sandwich in the beautiful weather like I normally do. After all, I was hungry. But something told me not to and so I didn’t.

I handed her he sandwich and saw her face light up.

“Oh, wow!! Thank you!!”
“You’re so very welcome. Please enjoy the sandwiches”.

She shyly told me that she hadn’t eaten yet at all today. It was 3:30 in the afternoon.

As I drove away (more like inched my way down the boulevard), I saw her smiling down at the food I gave her.

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