Lessons For BabyGirl : A Good Loser

Being a new mom means TiVo is my best friend.  I love being able to fast forward through commercials.  I also love that it remembers where I was in my show before I had to do something (change diaper, feed baby, running screaming with baby held in front as her poop-laden diaper drips and she’s laughing maniacally).

I love Project Runway.  I swear, I’m the judge they didn’t know they have on this show.  I’m sitting on the couch in my breast milk splotched shirt and pajama pants encrusted with baby drool and I’m critiquing looks like I know what the hell I’m talking about.



But here’s something I do know something about and I want to pass it on to BabyGirl.  It’s called “good sportsmanship”.  Currently, on Project Runway’s Season 13, there’s a designer I don’t like and her name is Korina Emmerich.  Her design isn’t what I dislike about her (although, to be honest, I’m not a fan of her designs).  It’s her attitude.

I love her belief in herself and that she’s bag of chips AND dessert with your meal.  I love the confidence and assurance in her work.  I think those are great traits and characteristics.

What I do not like about her is how she’s a terrible loser.  No one likes to lose.  I get it.  I don’t like it either!  But what I especially don’t like about her is how she talks so much crap about Char!  To say you don’t respect her as a designer and then tearfully asking everyone in the room if they “saw it coming” because she’s the one who lost fair and square.

Yes, this is a competition and you should compete!  But nowhere, in the spirit of competition, is it okay to tear apart your opponent.  I don’t like that about her.

Char has lost before but she does so with grace.  She’s graceful in her loss and is such a breath of air.  If she has negative thoughts about her other designers, she keeps them to herself and finds something nice to say about them.  I adore that about her.  I see why Tim Gunn brought her back.  She claps when she’s paired with Korina.  Korina, on the other hand, is such a sore loser and poor sport and stomps away!!

I don’t know about you but I don’t want someone like that designing for me.

My takeaway for BabyGirl is that if you can lose with grace, then you are a winner in everyone’s eyes.  If you win but with a terrible attitude and speak badly about your opponents, you have the respect of no one.

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